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Dreamkatchers Initiative is back with yet another fan project, this time for our favorite art aficionado! Big Bang's TOP is enlisting soon so we want this to be an early birthday/enlistment present. So because we all know how much TOP loves art we are requesting you to either write him a fan letter OR take a selca with your favorite piece of art. All approved letters and photos will be compiled into a book that will be mailed to him in the care of YG Entertainment. We kindly ask that you follow our guidelines before submitting your letter or photo. Letter guidelines: Must be in English Cannot be longer than half a page typed Arial @ 12pt font size Please avoid mature content Photo guidelines: Should be a selca with your favorite piece of art Cannot be larger than half a page Please avoid mature content You have until Sunday, April 24, 2016 to send your letter/photo. If your letter/photo does not meet these criteria, it will not make it into the book. Have questions? Direct them to me or go to a Dreamkatchers Initiative page. We can be found on instagram at @dreamkatchers.initiative, on my personal account @jennifertorresq, or on Facebook at Feel free to share this around! We want TOP to see what art his fans find interesting.
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