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My name is Alexander Hamilton. There's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait...

Also, you know this is my first time writing Love Advice so be prepared to understand the mastermind.

Woo the World with your Words
The quickest way to anyone's heart or really to persuade anyone is through eloquent writing. Your love might not care for flowers or touch, but they will be romanced by your written letters. Be prepared to be swept off their feet with words and wit.
Be with Who is Best for Your Career
When your wife is gone out for the summer it's pretty ok to distract yourself other ladies. It's good for your career ok? Just be careful when you share money with her. Don't leave a paper trail. But be carefully you know because I was, in fact, involved in the first sex scandal in American politics.
Country before Booty
Your nation comes first, and the establishment of your country is the most important part of your life. So don't let a lovely lady distracted you from your duty and service to the United States of America!

You know you can't say no to this ;)

Idk if any of you are into Hamilton the musical, but let me know if you are! :D
@shannonl5 that's the thing though. he'll get you with his words and you'll be wooed into trusting him. HAMILTON is the master!!
omg XD XD XD I'm not trusting him though
@nicolejb thanks for sharing