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So in this card I'm going no to mention some of the Fairy Tail beauties. There's so many so I'm only going to choose a couple.
First up is the Strauss sisters. Mirajane (left) and Lisanna (right). With their transformation abilities they're a sexy badass duo.
Next up is Lucy Heartfilia. She's a Celestial Spirit Mage. When necessary she's capable of summon the zodiacs to help with the situation
Erza Scarlet. One of the strongest in all of Fairy Tail and in my opinion the prettiest. Erza's ability is Re-equip Magic. She changes armor at will
Lastly even though there's still many more is Levy McGarden. She's probably the cutest next to Wendy. Even though she may not be that strong she's very smart and is capable of decrypting ruins.
Erza is most definitely the prettiest and I feel like there's so much more to her under the surface
Gotta save best for last πŸ˜‰@PASCUASIO
I love Erza and Mira the best I think, but all of them are too good to give up on
love this tbh
I'm in love!!!😍😍😍😍
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