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"Ugly but interesting" is a phrase that I've heard way too many times throughout my life. My middle school and high school years are just memories I've filed away to never relive. That is, until I saw the video for this 3D NES emulator.
I remember that I told myself I would never use that phrase when describing something. But now I understand what it means. Now I know why all those people used that same phrase about me when I asked them if they wanted to go to the school dance or something.
But just check out the video above! It's definitely Super Mario Bros. but there's something different about it. There's something weird about it. It looks like all the other boys but not as clean cut or confident. It stutters a little bit and sometimes walks backwards through the hallways with a wry smile on.
You feel bad for it because it eats lunch alone with its headphones on and sometimes cries into its french fries. It tries so hard to be your friend. But you don't want to. You can't be seen next to it. It's weird. What will all the other emulators think of you? So what if it's trying something new? No one cares about that. It's all about status these days and this emulator has none.
If you want to see another video that shows how it looks with other games, you can do so below. And let me know what you think in the comments!
god, Contra looks terrible this way
I was okay watching this, until he jumped high enough to see the 3D rendered score on top, and then I was too weirded out by it
so weird!
@InVinsybll What are you talking looks great! XD