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IT'S OVER 9000
I'm sorry. I know how cheesy and overused that joke is at this point of internet-dom. But it's really the only thing I can think of when seeing an image like that one above, where you see a very clean-cut Lone Survivor wearing a Scouter straight out of Dragon Ball Z.
This new mod from ruddy88 gives players the ability to deck their character out in a classic DBZ scouter, color choice optional.
More than just being a decorative little mod, the scouter actually does offer some useful abilities, like night vision, or a targeting HUD, or slow-motion viewing of the battlefield.
This mod is adapted from a similar mod used in Skyrim, tweaked to fit and work with Fallout 4. From an armor workbench you can choose what color and ability the scouter gives you.
You are free, however, to begin calling Preston Garvey 'Nappa'.

The best part?

Dogmeat can wear it, too.

[insert dogmeat/dragon ball/glasses/fallout pun]
so instead:
i sat here thinking of a fallout/dragon ball pun to come up with for the past 25 minutes but i don't think i have it in me.
Shut up and take my money
@paulisadroid oh deacon, you so crazy