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People in NYC love to have pets. Problem is, that many people don't have the time to take care of them properly.
As a result, pet caretakers make a KILLING in NYC. People will pay 15-20 dollars an hour to walk their dog. I guess, it's like taking candy from a baby in regards to making easy money, but what happens when someone asks you to take care of a unique pet during the day?

Recently, a guy hit Craiglist looking for someone to walk his pet tortoise daily while he's out at work.

The job listing reads as follows:
"Yep, for real.
I’m in search of a responsible animal lover to take Henry, my 16-year-old African tortoise, to Central Park on warm weekdays. I live a few short blocks from Central Park and have a pet stroller to get him to and from. Once he’s there, Henry can roam freely under your watchful eye. No tortoise experience necessary, but you must be an animal person and also good with people. (Trust me — they’ll want to talk to you!) If you’re sociable and like to hang out in Central Park anyway, this is an easy gig.
A little more info about Henry:
-He doesn’t wear a leash and is surprisingly quick, so you’ll need to keep an eye on him.
-He weighs about 16 pounds, so you’ll need to be able to lift him in and out of the stroller. Also, we live in a walk-up building.
-Henry is surprisingly energetic and fearless. The biggest thing to watch out for is him eating trash or kids trying to feed him.
-No poop-scooping required!
If interested, please tell me about your schedule and animal experience. Thanks!
According to the post, the pay rate is 10 dollars an hour for walking Henry.
I mean, if you're strapped for cash, this could be an easy way to make some cash, but even if you weren't and are in the pet caretaker business, this is one pet you take on for the hell of it.
I mean, it's not everyday you catch someone walking down 42nd and Broadway with a 20 pound tortoise at their side.
aw man I would be so down for this
It'd be funny if he was strangely good at sprinting.
@danidee I was thinking the same thing. But you never know, I would expect him to be slow as ever, a quick step may catch a person off guard lol
@shannonl5 I think this is an awesome party time job for sure
I am desperate to meet Henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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