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Oh man, the things were suffer through in the name of love.

When you truly love someone, things you normally would go crazy about you let pass. People say their let their significant other see the "real" them from the door, but that's not the case. Lets be honest, you think anyone is sticking around if you let loose a huge burp or fart in their presence on day one? Forget about it.
So when people ask me: When do you know the love is truly deep? I always ask: "Are you letting gas loose in front of your partner on a regular basis? If not, you got a ways to go."
Recently, A New Study was created to determine when it's okay to fart openly in a relationship. The results were interesting.
Mic asked 125 people in their 20s and 30s about when they feel comfortable farting in front of their partners. The largest proportion, or around 29 percent, said that it takes two to six months into the relationship for them to do it. However, the amount of people who wait six to 12 months into a relationship was almost as much, at 25.2 percent.
So when are you safe to let them fly, you ask? Best bet is to let year pass before you let one rip.
Be careful though, if they can't handle the wiff, they may not stick around to bask in the ambiance of another.
LOL at whoever said two months. Savages. All of you.
I think it's one thing if you fart around them like, once every few weeks by accident, but my sister and her boyfriend are like gross revenge farters, and that's the worst.
@danidee lol.. When do you think it's okay to let one fly then lol
@nicolejb I feel you, I mean it's a natural body thing that's gonna happen here and there lol
Eh I would wait a month or so, but not too long. haha if you are going to be comfortable around this person, it's going to happen!
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