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The stigma that all old people are mean and miserable isn't true at all. \
During my first two years of college, I worked in a nursing home. I worked with countless elderly people and had a blast everyday at work. They not only enjoy the company, but spend each day focused on utilizing your time with them to explore new and different things.
Today, I stumbled across a cool moment delivered by elderly members of the community, as the seniors made a whole song and beat with only their mouths.
Thanks to a collaboration between producer Mike Tompkins and Chevy for their #DayItForward campaign, we’re all treated to this funny and creative production.
It's cool to see how open and excited they seemed to take on this task. Isn't it amazing to see how happy people are when creating something new and different?
I love that you used a picture of Keith Richards. Awesome. This was a ton of fun.
@nicolejb yeah it looked like they were having a blast, which is what it's all about!
@danidee I think we all would've paid top dollar to have the part, lol
Also, I wish I was the one with the "woop-woop" part.
This made me smile, so beautifully done:)
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