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About 4 months ago, I posted a card about a Real Life FPS played through Chatroulette. The people behind that beautiful experience, RealmPictures, recently put up a video of their latest project that has been kept secret for quite sometime. iO Interactive (the company that develops the Hitman games) reached out to them and asked to bring that experience to their series.
RealmPictures did not disappoint. They found a way to translate the spirit of the Hitman games into real life and have it be controlled by YouTubers (and one very special guest, more on that later) from a remote location. The video is about 10 minutes long but it's definitely worth the watch.
When I first started watching it, I couldn't believe how open-ended they made the experience for the people playing remotely. In their previous videos, the game and the way the players interacted with it was somewhat linear. But throughout this video, you can see how players completed the task at hand.
And that's something that I can't believe. It makes sense in my head for all these sorts of options to be in a video game. But to hire a bunch of actors to recreate this, not knowing if they'll ever be interacted with is amazing to me.
It was also extremely awesome to hear Agent 47's actual voice actor interact with some the people who played the game. But what do you guys think? I think it stays pretty true to the Hitman series and it's really cool that they figured out away to translate a virtual experience into a real world one.
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This is so realistic and scary!!