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2016 Madrid Nessie with limited edition midnight satin green 50 caliber trucks and 65mm midnight satin green blood orange wheels and zealous bearings.
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@blakethetrain I agree with @RichardSchafer they're great I myself have two sets. Take a little while to break in but so smooth. Minimal maintenance. But generally I suggest any bearing with built in spacers and speed rings.
2 years ago·Reply
@DanielSpazJames @blakethetrain honestly I don't even clean my zealous bearings I just buy new ones because their so cheap and their lifespan is so much longer then other bearings.
2 years ago·Reply
Set-up looks dank, never would have thought that deck would look so symetrical in profile from the side
2 years ago·Reply
@ThtYoungElwoodJ it's my favorite setup at this point.
2 years ago·Reply
Some green grip from Blood Orange would make the whole thing certified dank, green through and through
2 years ago·Reply