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I found this list online today and I wanted to share it here, because I think for the most part, this is an accurate list of absurd anime.
I haven't seen every one of these anime, but enough of them to agree with the list. Especially number 1.
What do you guys think? Accurate list or no?
hmmm well I guess absurd is a different definition for diffferent people hahaha cuz some of them I don't think are absurd. They just dont completely fill the role of mainstream anime... but fills another genre instead :)
The absurdity of The Devil is a Part-timer is what makes it so great and fun to watch. And Yes Fooly Cooly is completely absurd in a discombobulated way and feels like you are tripping balls when watching. I can not speak for the others.
8,9,10, and twin tails are the only ones I have watched and I seriously enjoyed them
Besides 1 or 2 episodes of Kill La Kill, and being forced to watch the same episode of FLCL a million times over, I haven't seen any of these. I would like to add a couple to the list, though... Excel Saga was absolutely absurd, and the first season was hilarious. Also, Space Dandy is both absurd and really good. I mean, he's the Johnny Bravo of anime. ("Man I'm pretty!" Lol) But there are some good lessons to be learned, from what I remember.
@TheAnimeGod @JcDixon it's not hating!
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