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Who these kpop groups! !! *make guess that Pokémon tone of voice* do you know who they are? can you name them all??!! let's see who know who they are !!! who is the real KPOP CHAMPION!! (not for real just as a game guys loll
also Who wear them better? *make game show host Voice* let see who Get the most vote!!!! p.s I like how GD and Taemin looks with blue eye contact I love Ravi but no honey lol

LET'S GET STARTED!!!!!!! (^///^) *SPAZZES*

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1:Shinee 2:Stellar 3:Sistar 4:BTS 5:Lovelyz (?) Im not sure about 5 I think Donghae
shinee. stellar. sistar. BTS. Lovelyz
SHINee Stellar Sistar BTS Lovelyz? I love Teamin
Shinee ? Sistar BTS ? Donghae hands down. They are the perfect shade of deep blue, So he doesn't look creepy like everyone else. Jaejoong is a close second however. ^_^
shinee ? Sister BTS Girls Generation I think GD pulls them off amazingly but I love how ravi has the really blue....I'm sticking with GD