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Before Call of Duty was the only multiplayer game that people ever participated in, there were games like Unreal Tournament and Quake. And those games multiplayer matches were fast-paced, pick up weapons as you go, "frag fests" (if you will). And the recently released DOOM multiplayer trailer looks like it's going back to those days.
And there's something I love about that era of multiplayer more than the one we have now. It's all "skill based" and has less to do with what your loadouts are and how fast you can get to the rocket launcher to kill the other enemies. It's fun playing these competitive multiplayer modes when you know everyone starts at the same level.
Also, I tried my best to take a screenshot that had the least amount of violence. So if blood and guts aren't your thing, you should probably just skip the trailer or read a different card or something.
Aside from bringing back the old days of multiplayer shooters, DOOM adds a little bit of the "new era" stuff to the mix. If you watched the trailer you'll see that there are different power-ups you can pick up to change your normal character into one of the many DOOM demons you face in the single-player.
The cool thing about that feature, though, is that it looks like if you kill the player who is the demon you become a demon yourself. And it looks like they have some different demon characters that you can control. It seems a little bit intense and I hope that there are some modes that center around being the demon for the longest amount of time.
What do you guys think of the trailer?
The regular world looks a lot like First Assault. The demon world aspect is really cool, and seems to bring something new to the table. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.
Wow. I don't like multiplayer shooters for the exact reasons you listed. It's just not fun anymore. I enjoyed COD 3, before everyone started centering their lives around it. This looks fun, though. The whole turning into demons thing looks really cool. I think I would play this... Maybe.