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I feel like most cosplayers and LARPers can relate...for some reason, cosplay just freaks biblethumpers slap out! I used to LARP in Savannah, and I loved dressing up in character (the first time I heard the term "cosplay" was well after my last LARP). People (especially the in-your-face, religious types) seem a little braver about coming up to you when you're in a costume...even when it's not Halloween. So brazen, in fact, that one woman nearly ran me over one night when I was on my way to a night of Vampire: the Masquerade. I was dressed in my usual Lasombra attire...a black frock, fishnet arm warmers, and a large silver pentacle pendant. It's not like I was in the middle of the road, I was walking through a handicapped parking spot to get up on the sidewalk, after having crossed from one store to another. Luckily, I was walking with my 6'4" boyfriend who saw the car coming and swept me onto the sidewalk. The driver never even apologized, she just got out and started asking if we'd go to her bible study the next night. I was like, "Sorry, I'm not really interested, but thank you." She was pretty upset by that and said in a very snarly tone, "Well, I'll be sure to pray for your DAMNED soul." I looked right into her eyes smiled as sweetly as I could, and said, "I enjoy my DAMNED soul, but if it makes you feel better, sweetie." And just turned heel and walked on. Actually, it wasn't long after that, that the Savannah city council tried to shut us down because of unfounded rumors that our players really thought themselves vampires. That's a whole other bizarre story...
aw man I love NYC around comic con time. I always curse the Santa parade since it's just a bunch of drunk people making life hard for everyone but NYCC cosplayers are always so chill. Most of the time they get dressed when they arrive but once in a while you see somebody in full costume on the train or in starbucks and it is one of my favorite things
Sometimes I go to my local Walmart dressed as either Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians or Inuyasha and I always play in the toys section. People that recognize who I'm cosplaying usually stop to talk with me for a little but the workers stay clear of me and when a little kid gets near me their parents usually grabs their hand and run off with them....parents don't like me although I did have this one elderly couple that asked what I did to my hair (I had my white wig on) and they asked how I made my Jack Frost hoodie so we chatted for about 10 minutes in the crafts section.
My first convention I stayed in a hotel with friends and ended up having to share the couch bed with my friend who looked like Jesus and borrow his Akatuski cloak for a blanket XP It was an experience
Day 1 of my very first comic-con some friends and I were about to go on the bus back home, when I realized my bus pass didn't cover the amount by $2. My dad is also a city bus driver and he always told me to mention his name, his depot, and his nickname if I ever had a problem on the bus, so I did that and the driver says "so?". That caught me off guard. So he starts driving (me still in the bus) but he made me so nervous that I didn't realize I dropped my wallet. After a while,the bus stops and the driver goes "the lady who thinks she's 'all that' cuz her dad is a bus driver, come to the front." I was afraid he was going to kick me off. I go up and he says "you dropped your wallet, you're lucky someone was nice enough to to return it." We get off later and I text my dad the badge number, the bus number, and the driver's description (he was just getting off his shift and said he'd take care of it). Turns out the driver KNEW my dad and was a cheap asshole. My dad nearly pummeled him, but the other drivers held him back cuz he'd get in trouble. Moral of the story: never mess with a co-worker's child.
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