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After playing Three Fourths Home and falling in love with the writing, I immediately scoured [bracket] games' website to see if there were working on anything else in the future. And all I knew about To Azimuth before today was that it existed. I didn't know much about it or what it might look like.
I'm glad all of that changed. The developers describe the game this way:
To Azimuth casts players as Nate or Susannah in two interconnected stories that follow their pursuit for the truth. This surreal adventure game, inspired by 70s science fiction and alien abduction accounts, explores the mystery surrounding Eli’s whereabouts and the roles that mental health, war, and the paranormal may have played in his disappearance.
I'm really excited for another adventure game to come from these guys and I'm extremely intrigued by the subject matter. I'm sure the game's narrative and structure will be top-notch after playing Three Fourths Home a couple of months ago.
One of the bigger "surprises" (if you could call it that) in the trailer is the voice acting. If you've played Three Fourths Home, you'll know that most of the dialogue was text-based. I'm unsure if the game will be fully voice acted but if so, I hope they can get good voice actors to play the roles. It would be such a bummer to have excellent writing be ruined by bad voice acting.
Either way, though, I'm still pumped. Could you guys see yourselves playing this David Lynch-esque 70s alien abduction story?
I don't know if I would play it or not. I'd have to see the gameplay. It looks very interesting, though. I'm not sure what is happening through the trailer, but I like it. And on the voice acting, the guy in the trailer sounded good. I'd hope it would be like that the whole way through. I'd like to see more on it as it comes out.
This is probably not something I'd play but it looks very interesting~
oooh yeah this seems right up my alley