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Hint of vanilla I was very surprised that the cinnamon not only gives out a wonderful smell but sweeten the taste of the blueberries. Excellent with coffee or tea ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 03/30/16 UPDATE Okay some of you asked my for the recipe so all can try. Luckily, I finally found the index card with the recipe on it(I really need to organise my stuff better). Just to let everyone know now that when I made this, I was just experimenting. I really wasn't expecting it to be tasty until some people actually tried them including myself. I was really hesitant sharing this with everyone at first but now I'm ready to let everyone try it. Alright! The things you'll need: Blueberries *Fresh and sweet* Eggs (Optional) Milk Flour Baking powder Cinnamon Sugar (Optional) Vanilla extract Okay, you're probably wondering why aren't there anything measurements. Well, that's because I don't know how many you're going to make lol XD. The first time I'd done this, it was for one muffin. And I done this really early in the morning and I forgot to write down the measurements so my mistake there...okay let's continue 1. Add all your dry ingredients together and mixed them well. Do the same with the wet ingredients in another bowl. 2. Gently mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. *Note: If it looks too thin or to thick dry, just a little more flour or milk* 3. Don't forget to to add the blueberries. 4. Get a muffin pan and spray it with a non stick spray. 5. Heat up the oven to 360° and place the pan in the oven for a few minutes. 6. If you're not sure how well done your muffins are, stick a toothpick in one to see if any batter is on the toothpick
@nicolejb @usmansipra6 oh I was so excited that I forgot to put the recipe on the card :P l have to find the index card I put it on then add it to this card
@nicolejb Yeah I did. I made them early in the morning. I'm glad they turned out okay. Made a lot of them than I needed. Sorry for the late reply
@LeshelleHoward wow! thank you!
alright it's loaded enjoy @nicolejb @usmansipra6
sweet!! :D @LeshelleHoward
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