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Some days are a struggle, this morning I felt like I needed to be dragged out of bed. But then I remembered that every day there is an opportunity to smile and fee great! That's why today I'm issuing an emergency Happiness Challenge in the Self Improvement.

What's something that made you smile today?

Was it perfect happy weather?

Or a joke that a friend told?

Maybe seeing a cute moment between a couple in public?

Here's how to share:
---- Go into Self Improvement Community TALK. If you aren't sure where that is, check out how <<HERE>> (based off Love & Relationship)
---- Share what made you smile today!
---- Include a hashtag! #MakesMeSmile :)
A delicious lunch and the fact that I am heading home to visit family tomorrow.
My bed because it was a long day.
The weather! It's soo sunny outside and warm compared to the freezing wind and snow of last week. I'm soo ready for the sun and cherry blossoms!
Seeing the beauty all around me...♡
I saw a video of a blind baby getting glasses from their mother and seeing for the first time it was so adorable. the baby was so happy!!
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