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I've been revisiting a lot of Into It. Over It's discography as of late since their latest album is coming out at the end of this week. Sometimes it's unbelievable to me that I've been listening to one guy's music for so long and it's even more surprising when I realize that a lot of Evan Weiss's songs apply to my life.
Logan Square is one of those many songs. I've found myself in numerous situations where I'm living with a partner and things get a little "too close for comfort" for me. And instead of communicating my problems, I instead start arguments or I come off as cold and uncaring. I always find it hard to get down to the truth. And usually, the truth is that I don't see a future with the partner I'm currently sleeping next to every night.
I don't know how else to say it. So as usual, there are some heavy hitting lyrics below and the song if you want to listen to it.

Notable Lyrics:

I'm sorry I haven't seemed so strong. Through a blanket of arguing, you'll see it's not you, it's me. It's a list of excuses a mile long. But the bottom line here is I need out of this tired apartment creating resentment and driving us apart. But while you've been gone, I've been returning at all hours of the night. While you've been gone, I've been crossing fingers that you have a nice flight back home.
i definitely get this feeling. I am always one to wait and hope they're unhappy enough to leave rather than say anything myself.
Different Drum haha it helps to be upbeat and as loud as possible 😄