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I'm already dying here looking at the stills from episode 17 T_T Wol Ryung who couldn't forget the betrayal he suffered from, kidnapped Yeol Wool and threatened Kang Chi to give up the 'stupid' dream of becoming human. "You will only get hurt. Humans can't be trusted. You will only be betrayed in the end." Kang Chi, without even flickering his eyes, pulled Yeol Wool behind him and loudly acclaimed, "Please don't touch my woman." (awwwwwww) He was determined to change his life and nobody could stop him from that. Seeing Kang Chi's strong will, Wol Ryung remembered his old self. The one who loved and vowed to become mortal just so he could be with Seo Hwa. The day that he shielded her from he army came flashing back and made his heart waived for a moment (my heart broke at this T_T). What will he do with them now? Watch episode 17 to find out!! And I hope engsub is coming out soon :(
@winterlovesong hey thanks :-* i hope sooo !!!
@MasriDaniela I'm sure it's gonna be a happy ending! you won't have to cry that much. Heh ^^
I think I will cry a lot :(((((
upsy I saw ep 17&18 I hope it will be ok .......I did not like the final :( I really hope they will be happy &change to human !!!!
wooow wol ryung in this scene looks like rain