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Since I promised I would post today...In my time it's Suga's birthday so ENJOY :)

OH I will check all my notifications this weekend and I'll start to post once again on Saturday!
Oh to set the mood lets put in a few innocent images.
I guess we'll start now.
You knocked on the door, waiting the appropriate five minutes before unlocking it with your spare key. You had been close friends with the members of BTS for at least two years now. They were getting really tired of having to get up and answer the door, so they simply got a key made for you.
You stuck your head in and called out. “Hello, is anyone here?” No one answered, so you just assumed that they must have been out at rehearsal. You plopped down on the couch and turned on the Xbox. As you waited for it to wake up, you got up and went to the kitchen to grab a soda.
You were pretty disappointed that no one was home. Today had been so stressful and all you wanted was to see the boys who always managed to put a smile on your face. Especially Yoongi. Your face fell a little thinking about your best friend. Lately he seemed a bit detached and barely spoke to you when you were over. You thought about the way he had been walking through the dorm like a zombie popped into your mind. You greeted him warmly everyday, but he simply nodded his head in your general direction before locking himself in his room again.
The sound of a door opening broke you out of your thoughts. You stuck your head out and noticed that it came from inside the dorm, not the front door. You slowly made your way in the direction of the sound and heard music coming from Yoongi’s room. You slowly approached the door and leaned in close. You could hear a soft beat playing from inside the room. It wasn’t a beat that you had heard before. You reached your hand up to knock on the door, but before you could, it swung open.
Yoongi was standing in front of you with a dazed look on his face. It looked as though he hadn’t slept in days. It took him a few moments to focus his gaze on you, and when he did his eyes widened in surprise. “(Y/N), what are you doing here?” He asked in a husky voice.
“I-I had a rough day and I came over to see if you guys wanted to hang out.” You started to explain. He simply stared at you, but not exactly looking at you. It was as though he was having an internal argument. “I guess now is a good time for this.” He whispered to himself. You opened your mouth to say something, but before you could he was already pulling you into the room.
“I have had this … rap in my head for a while now and I finally got it finished and I want you to hear it.” He said in calm voice. But there was something under his usual calm tone, nervousness? You simply nodded your head and slipped the headphones on. He pressed a button on his computer and your ears were filled with a beautiful beat. The beat was the only sound you heard for a few measures before the actual lyrics started.
The rap was absolutely beautiful. It talked about the struggle of trying to confess to a close friend. How beautiful the girl was, how sweet her voice sounded to his ears, and how his heart raced every time she would say his name.
You couldn’t help but smile as you heard the lyrics. You looked up at Yoongi with a huge smile on your face and a small smile began to spread across his lips. Once the song was done, he slowly took the headphones off your head. “So, what did you think?” He asked excitedly.
“It was amazing. What was the inspiration?” You asked, completely oblivious to the obvious. He chuckled at your question as he reached up and pushed a loose strand of hair behind your ear; his hand lingering on your cheek. “You were the inspiration, (Y/N).” With that said you smiled even wider, giving him the confidence to lean in closer. His lips were only a few centimeters away from yours.
“Does this mean you want me to be your girl?” You asked quietly. Instead of answering, Yoongi simply closed the distance between your lips and embraced you into a sweet kiss.

Credits: ExoBtsImagination

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