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fter we’d finally gotten used to Bradley Cooper sporting the same gelled-back, super-slick longer strands, we were then faced with a new development. He started getting that style permed with little pink curlers for a movie role. Then for his Hangover: Part III press tour, the star stepped out with his hair once again combed straight back into a wet-look do with flippy ends. And just when we thought we were used to it all over again, he lopped it all off into a short, bristly style that reminds us of his Wedding Crashers days. cr:People Which Cooper hairstyle is hottest: Long and gelled, permed or short?
@Yinofyang now i have to see it then!! Liam Neeson too! awesome!
@shoenami Omg! Sis, you HAVE to watch The A-Team! He and everyone else are great in that movie. It's a remake of the old classic and an action/comedy movie. Let me know if you end up wanting to watch it. It's got him, Liam Neeson, Jessica Biel, and some others I can't think of.
@roselee89 You can bet that curly hair won't be gone for too long though.. XD
He looks way more handsome now! :-)
@YinofYang The A-team ?? is that a Hangover type of movie? :D
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