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Must Watch This Movie!!!!!!

So last night I finished watch a movie called Hot Young Bloods and.....you must see this. At first I was only watching it for Jong Suk, and I wasn't expecting any more than that. I have never been a fan of many films set in time periods like the 80's and I thought for sure I would just watch it for the hot tall piece of sexy that is Jong Suk....I was proven wrong.


Not only is the acting amazing, but the story line was actually very interesting. There were a few moments I would not classify as PG-13, but either way I loved the movie. It was deep but had comedic moments as well. It made me regret not watching it sooner. This is now my favorite film and I have a feeling it's going to stay there. To anyone thinking it looks intriguing or considering watching this....definitely do it!!

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I have yet to finish watching the movie same with 20 with Kim Woo Bin.
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