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방탄소년/Bangtan Boys/Bangtan So Nyun (BTS) is a new rookie group to the neighborhood!! As we know for now, the group consists of V, Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook! The boys are from 17-22 years old and are under Big Hit Entertainment (also home to 2AM). I must say they are quite visual and Jin immediately caught my eyes! Let's hope that they have more to bring to the table!
@chasinghapiness well they are all handsome its hard to pick one plus i need to know their ages too lol i pick my biases according to age but from the pics V kinda my fav till now
@reyam Big Hit is JYP's sub company so they are not directly under JYP I think ^^ who's your favorite from the teasers?
@chasinghapiness is that mean they are from JYP wow that mean 2pm . 2am agency they are handsome and i expect they are going to have a good vocals too .
@reyam they are ^__^ and since they're from 2AM's agency.... I expect them to have good vocal skills too. Let's see~
bangtan boys are handsome