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What's going on in the Marvel community?

It's been a pretty hopping week here, let's see what you might have missed!

It's been a wild week!

Here's some of the cool stuff that's happened:
+Who would win? Imagine this battle: Black Widow vs. Akame vs. Jade Nguyen vs. Chitaru Namatame with our friend @ReidoTerumi ---> HERE
+Our friend @AcaciaNguyen has an awesome new fanart collection. Check it out and give them a Marvelous welcome ---> HERE
+Mad that Mister Sinister isn't making an appearance in X-Men? So is @LAVONYORK so commiserate with her ---> HERE
+The Wheel of Fortune Game returns on Saturday at 1:30 EST! @MichaelOgg will be moderating. Follow this collection or request a tag to be notified!

Your to-do list!

You thought it was all fun and game? [Ok, it totally is].
+Nominate the hero you think is the best-dressed ---> HERE
+Share your Marvel headcanons! You can use the second image on this block if you need inspiration!
+Show some love! Check out the community and see what else you like ---> HERE
+You know how to be awesome by now ;)


1. Share some writing prompts for your fellow Marvelers
Is there something you're not knowledgeable about but would like to see a card with more detail? Share a writing prompt so we know where we're needed!
2. What's your least favorite food and why?
Totally off topic but... what food totally grosses you out? I'll start us off by saying that I am completely incapable of eating spicy food. Can't do it. I think it tastes like pain and bitterness.

New? Say hello!

We don't bite (unless you ask us to) so please introduce yourself here! We want to talk to you (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

And to the rest of you: Keep it weird.
Here's the community check in for the week! @BelleOfRay @arnelli @cardboardart @JimTurpen @Boggleman @Krystalstar22 @culversyanne @Marichel @JustinMims21 @YoSoySoysauce @AleciaReedy @LadyLuna @ComicGeek94 @CalebOrr @Beannachtoraibh @Eclare @RyanOgg @Namrow @MichaelOgg @MelissaGarza @DarrenRouton @dominika @MyAffairWith @jibarito @MarvelTrashCan @CandaceJordan @Otakukpopgirl @Ashcrimson @octoberHymns @jazziejazz @gatorchick96 @GossamoKewen95 @ChildOfSparda13 @StevenFrick @tbanj96 @DardenJustin @KristianHampton @redapple615 @DLowLewis @sammsosa @Kirooken @kuzuri96 @buddyesd @MoisEsGaray @DavidPap @MichelleHolly @SparkRIDE @MarySEW @TehDL @Captpeter @kneelb4zod @Melodicballoon @amobigbang @SarahRegulski @TiffanyPerez @Raavaan @CreeTheOtaku @peahyr @MajahnNelson @MaeKeyMae @ColeKat13 @Silver925 @DaiGakuSei @EasternShell @Awesomeperson @SamTheMallow @Thatperson512 @nenegrint14 @Lushisushi @LenaBlackRose @sarahpjane @Danse @ultraninja10 @Luci546 @Raadhiyah @KennethKalgren @zwdodds @shelbiisonfire @HaleValkyrie @AllieGrabowski @loftonc16 @Ssj4Otakudude @JayZK @humairaa @noWaifuNoLaifu @hhead232 @jeffpeterrutan @ReidoTerumi @DevilsSon @ChrisStephens @merryjayne13 @Naika8888 @xxwriter389xx @SeintoSeiya @ThePervySage @AlishiaDavis @BT2581 @gabbycalzada @animechild51 @mcbubbles @DavidFPuhala @lalaMF @CloeySuess @TambryInskeep @littlemaryk @KellerBertrand @OtakuDemon10 @ButterflyBlu @TonyjJohnson771 @Matthewripster @ChosenKnight @MishiiYukiko @JohnathonWest @AcaciaNguyen @MalcolmAllen @Elvisimo @ShinigamiSan @AnimeDragon @StevenFick @fireislife @TwiztidSpider @DomingoRamos @DanielDuRant @EmmanuelJoy @JosephMcCain @Dwash6 @NickCarlisle @MaighdlinS @jevonlowery @ZoilaObregon @arnelli @PaulChavarria @BenGiddens @JessicaFerrier @ALEXCAMACHO @SarahVanDorn @DwaynGrant @rsstarscream @BlackDragon88 @xtaylorfyingxx @nobankai @ChienWeiHuang @jamesyoungs @DereckTorres @raikage00 @scarfskeleton @dzaog @Sara3 @UNITZ @jeremimzy17 @HenryStill @CrystalBlunt @KhariPorchea @ChristinaOMalle @waywardtravler7 @magistermind @RaquelArredondo @Xiuyeolhyun @HBSWinchester @EmilianoMacias @KyleBerke @Annaharris1989 @seouls @JoseLopez96 @inaryuubi @PoojaHansda @dominika @TiffanyWallace @DiamondGregory @AliciaScherrer @LuvlyMochi @Kessisthebest @00JEDAs @Superdose323 @alison2013 @KaisPrincess @lanejlzero @AlexTalley @ivyheart13 @NickCarlisle @Gabby991 @xiahou @LittleHorn @AyannaWelch @LisetteZapata @JaysDestroy @SebassHumph @QuronBrunner @stephenholms226 @zippybat7 @Sashamonroe16 @WillowSa...
@MishiiYukiko Oh no! I just bought some for the community fridge! Wait.... no I mean my own fridge XD
I had to before anyone else @SarahRegulski XP
@SarahRegulski but pizza is my life lol but to,each their own xD @JordanRivera I'm more of a Marvel fan myself but still love DC lol I'm sure you'll love the app
howdy folks
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