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So excited I finally got these. I am reading so many different manga at one time that I get tired of using sticky notes or random slips of paper. These will go so well with all my manga now!! Yes!! Manga 4 ever!!
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@Fromtheheart I get a lot of anime and manga stuff it's over seas so takes couple to few weeks to get tho!! They have OP and many other book marks. I've gotten like 15-20 anime shirts and hoodies from the site too as well as so so much more NAKAMA!!
I wants them sooooo bad
send some to me....... sharing is caring
I need to order another pack or 2 prob one of One Piece and one of FairyTail. If I do I'll give some away with my manga giveaways as well!! So if you follow or watch for my manga goveaways you can try n win n get a free manga and sweet anime manga page marker NAKAMA!! @reaper412 @ynah2002 @suzettecaramaya @Fromtheheart
omg I love these!! me who reads everyday I would love Gaara awww