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Carbs = Cancer... wait what?

Yeah, that's right, a new study from the University of Texas states that certain types of carbohydrates were associated with a higher risk of lung cancer.
The study found that a diet with a high glycemic index, or GI, elevated the risk of lung cancer in certain populations.
The glycemic index tracks how quickly the carbs you eat turn into sugar, so it’s foods like white potatoes, white bread, and rice cakes that you need to avoid, at least according to the study.
So how do we combat this? Everyone knows that consistently high blood sugar can cause enormous damage to your body. So, we should attempt to eat more veggies and whole grains and less foods with a high glycemic index.
Sooo... pass on the loaf of bread with spaghetti, and aim for a plate of fish and asparagus!
oops this is a little misleading... the study can't actually link those carbohydrates to cancer but instead noted that the people in their study recently diagnosed with lung cancer were more likely to eat higher amounts.... but they were also more likely to smoke, be physically inactive, and have low rates of education.... This is one of those correlation doesn't exactly equal causation studies. Cancer is a byproduct of many things and the scientific world has yet to firmly say how it's caused.
My god everything causes cancer these days.
Life is the leading cause of death.