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It's so easy to believe that little girls in pink dresses and pony tailed berets can be dolls meant to be fought over. It's so easy to laugh at the girl with the grass stained knees, a spit fire that has her daddy's attitude. It's so easy to to forget that girls don't need to grow up protected and perfect, but reminded that they can be their own Hero.
Raise your daughter with strength and independence. Raise her with fire. Tell your little girl she's beautiful in the ways only the blind can see. Tell her the way she pulls laugher out of the weary is beautiful. Tell her the way she yells out in class, demanding to be heard rather then sitting back waiting to be noticed is beautiful. Tell her the way she treats her friends, loving each one unconditionally is beautiful. Tell her the way she is excelling in school is beautiful. Tell her that bullshit job to save up some money, already aware of responsibility is beautiful. Tell her that she made the right choice, even when she didn't, because watching her learn is the most beautiful thing in the world. Tell her she's beautiful because she is. Just make sure that your little girl knows her beauty has very little to do with her face. #internationalwomensYEAR
I have 3 daughters and I teach them to have some tolerance to everyone but in the same time remind that they are girl and more fragile than boy but I don't want them to hate and easily judge boy whenever they do, unless it harmful. I teach them whether you girl or boy, please respect and behave,even you not agree or don't like what they're doing,talk nicely or just ignore it. I'm sorry,but sometimes I don't agree with extreme feminist idea, who teaches girl to easily hate boy/man or wrongly judge them until they grown-up to be man haters
My great aunt always told me that whenever anyone calls you stubborn, tell them "I prefer 'determined.'" It helped me see my go-get-'em attitude as a positive thing, especially when boys didn't like to see girls in charge!
@LizArnone oh I'm sorry if I miss understood but just wanted to mention some feminist here who fight for girl power and hate what ever man do and they raise their daughters with that minded maybe bad history they had before. sorry, my bad ✌
@atmi I don't think this post mentions anything about hating men or teaching girls to be another but girls! Feminism isn't about hating men at all and being a strong female is simply embracing every aspect of your being and being proud of who you are.
I love this @LizArnone!! Especially education and learning experiences. I can't tell you how many times my family supported me though so many of my mistakes that I learned so much from :)