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JLaw and Nicholas were spotted keeping the post-breakup coziness alive Sunday in Montreal during a break from shooting the superhero flick. And they weren't alone—Hoult was on an outing with Lawrence and one of her brothers and his family. Beast and Mystique pulled the plug on their romance earlier this year but have remained amiable toward one another, with Hoult wishing nothing but the best for his ex when she went on an awards-season tear, culminating in her Oscar win in March. cr:E!
really?? oh yay! they make a really adorable couple! yess.. I'm rooting for this!
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@shoenami there was another article that says they indeed spent the whole weekend together! that's really awesome! They belong together!
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@blairwitme that's great to know! It would be so awesome to see them officially together! great match!
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