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"Well this sucks." Your muscle sighs loudly as he paced in a circle beside the beach side. "Are you sure you can't call no one?" The brain looked at him with an annoyed look "Don't you think I tried? There's no signal! We're trapped until someone comes looking for us." The Scaredy Cat jumped up from the sand "Wait so you're telling me we're trapped on this island in the middle of nowhere." "Pretty much." The Brain sighed, "But for now I think we should think about how we're going to survive on this island while waiting for help." The mother/caretaker said "Don't worry you guys, we'll make it through this we just have to stay strong. Someone is bound to come looking for us." The co-captain nodded in agreement "That's right....while we're waiting, however, we should go back to the plane and see what provisions are lying around. You never know what you may find." The secret weapon agreed, "I guess we should go ahead and head out then." The co-captain, secret weapon and brain started walking off with the muscle straying not too far behind. It took awhile for the sad scaredy cat and the cautious mother/caretaker to follow behind their brave companions. "This can't end well" the scaredy cat muttered.

Pick the Jungle your team walks into!! Leave Your Comment Below!!

Jungle #1

Jungle #2

Jungle #3

Thanks to all the people who are playing this game! I really appreciate it you guys trying this out ...I hope you guys have fun with this...Good Luck ;)
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I got a late start but I did make a card. Btw jungle #2
jungle #2
I'm gonna go with jungle 1. I'm so scared I'm gonna kill off my loves!!!! @ChelseaJay I kinda regret agreeing to the UB....hopefully it all turns out ok....ahhhhh lol