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Though he's busy filming 'No Breathing', Seo In Guk doesn't hesitate to take on another project! It is confirmed that he will be starring in "주군의 태양/My Master's Sun" alongside with So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin! It's a horrorish romantic drama (I'm not sure how that will work out) that tells about a woman who can see ghosts and lives life only to and by herself due to her abnormal ability. Her encounter with So Ji Sub, a mall's CEO who only knows about money, changes both of their lives. Seo In Guk will act as the Security Director for the mall, and is believed to bring lively colors to the drama! "My Master's Sun" is scheduled to broadcast in August. Yes yes yes and yes! More Seo In Guk AND So Ji Sub! Though I can't exactly imagine how they will bring the 'horror' element out and blend it into our typical romantic kdrama plot. Maybe a ALOT of drama, and just a tiny bit or horror throwing in to make the show special. (I know I'm being too cynical and skeptical, but I can't helpt it.)
love seo in guk sp much
@chasinghapiness I love that photo too girl :D cute right. he's stealing everyone's heart.
So happy for him!! And I love the cover photo his smile/dimple so cute :D