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I've been in a happy relationship for 5.5 years now. As with any relationship, we've had our ups, downs, lefts and rights. We've fought like bitter enemies and laughed like lifelong friends. We've traveled together and shared in experiencing new cultures and people and places.
We've also spent a ton of time being lazy homebodies.
Some of my fondest memories of my relationship are times we spent in PJs, cooking dinner together and watching some dumb movie.
Not to sound like a weird hipster, but I've been Netlflix and chillin' since before that was a thing. Sometimes we even watch the movie.
You see that bitchin' couple-snuggie? You may see that and immediately think 'I never want to be that amorphous blob of human that these two have clearly assimilated into'. You may think that, but you are wrong in that thinking.
I once thought that way, too. Until I realized that going outside takes mad work when you and your partner can just re-watch Robin Hood: Men in Tights for the 36th time while you wolf down some delivery pizza. Let the warmth of the pizza box warm your shared snuggie, you are a symbiotic entity now. Embrace it. Be the pizza you were born to be.
On a more serious note, though, the best part about having been with someone for a while is the value you place in the small stuff like making dinner together at home. It's comfortable and reassuring and it's a load off not to have to primp yourself to go out all the time.
Of course, this isn't to say that you should stay in ALL the time. Remember to keep things fresh and get out every once and a while. Cabin fever is real and it isn't fun. Everything in moderation.
It's just hard to beat the spontaneous kisses in between stirring or chopping or other kitchen minutia.

What are y'all's favorite kind of date?

Okay, but Robin Hood: Men In Tights is one of the best movies in the world, so. They can't really blame you on that one.
@danidee oooh awesome! I also dig those. my partner is also a writer so sometimes we'll just be in the same space working on different writing projects, but bouncing ideas back and forth
Also, my favorite kind of date is one where we're creating something together or working on some cool project, like making a recipe from scratch that we haven't tried before or (for the sake of ALSO sounding like a lame hipsterface) drawing or painting something cool. Or board games. I had a boyfriend that taught me how to play Dominion once. It was a good time.
@sophiamor oooh cool! actually my first date with my partner was a wandering around date. in the summer. I wore a knit beanie like an idiot.
"be the pizza you were born to be" That's exactly the inspiration I needed today lol
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