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I think the problem is that it's so bizarre to me that someone would want to spend all this time with me, and build a future.

Is anyone else like this when they are in a relationship?

I would say at the beginning of a relationship, that may be fairly normal -- especially since everything is still new and sort of a roller-coaster ride of emotions and events. I've learned to never put anyone on a pedestal. When you believe your partner is your equal, rather than as your "better half" or "significant other," you'll start to think "I am lucky to have my partner...but my partner is also lucky to have me." And then there won't be any "why is he/she with me?" already know why ;)
Awww I love that @alywoah reminding yourself that your partner is also lucky to have you! @2Distracted wow, thanks for sharing that. I totally get that!! Growing up I always moved around a lot, so I tried to separate myself from getting too close. Because I always left anyway! The thing I learned though is that people can love/care just as much as I can. The do have to prove themselves a bit (esp. in my case). but once they are in they are good for life.
I think if you feel like that more than 70% of the time the relationship isn't good for you. Sometimes I think 'omg i'm being so annoying, he probably hates me' but if you doubt more than that it might mean something more. A lot of it is working on our own self confidence before working on confidence in a relationship :)
@nicolejb it really does take alot once your in!!! I love that tho!!!
@2Distracted Truth!! With friends, it almost becomes like family. They are IN even when they are being bratty and annoying XD you still love them
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