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Its that time of year again! The only month anyone ever actually eats corn beef and cabbage, which is actually a shame because corn beef and cabbage is pretty much AMAZING!
So, for all of you who only partake in this delicious meal on the greenest of all days, here are the top 3 best ways to eat corn beef and cabbage!

1. In a hash!

Who doesn't love a good hash? Its a meal that can been eaten at any time of the day and be totally socially acceptable! Just dice up the corn beef, some boiled potatoes, onions and cook in oil with some eggies! Then just finish it off with some cabbage right on top of it all.
Cant get more Irish then that!

2. A sandwich!

I love me a good sandwich. And nothing really beats fresh corn beef and cabbage in between two toasted pieces of rye bread. Add some spicy mustard AND ketchup and be ready to just die right there.

3. Drunk.

Lets be real, this meal is amazing, but it might taste so good because we are all more then likely a few deep and loving life! Eat it with your hands for all I care because corn beef and cabbage is the only way to finish off a successful Paddys day!
If I could I would eat it all the time! Corned Beef and Cabbage is God's (or the Irish's) gift to earth lol. Though my mom toss it all in to a crock pot and let's it cook all day. Then we serve it like soup.
lolollll number 2