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Hello Video Game Community Friends! ^_^

It's week 2 of Video Wednesday! How exciting!
If you missed it last week, here's what it's about. Every Wednesday, I'll come up with a video theme and ask you all to make a card about your favorite gaming video that fits the theme. It's a way for us to learn about each other and discover new awesome gaming videos!

This week, the topic is: Best Gaming Rage Quit Video!

I'll go first~

Video Wednesday: Impossible to Finish

(Warning: Plenty of swearing in this video)
I'm sure those of you who frequently watch gaming videos are already aware of the Rooster Teeth Rage Quit series starring the one and only, never-not-swearing, Michael Jones. I like this particular video the best because it really captures the feeling of most people who play this game. I haven't and never will beat this game because (surprise!) it really is FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE. But rather than play it over and over again convinced that I might just accomplish the...wait for it...impossible, I would rather just watch the four or so videos of Michael playing different levels of the game, and failing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Oh! And my favorite bit from this video:

"I've been playing this game for a little bit" Attempt #4,367

So there it is! Here's a recap of how to participate in the Video Wednesday event:
> Make a card with "Video Wednesday" in the title.
For example - Video Wednesday: Goofing Around in Amnesia
> Add your favorite gaming video to the card.
Just add a link to the video using the + button on the left in the new card.
> Tell us why it's your favorite gaming video.
This way we can learn more about each other and discover new cool videos.

You can make the card on any day until next Wednesday! So feel free to make your own Video Wednesday card when you get a chance.

And thanks to the @ShakirBishop, @Lavonyork, @InVinsybll and @paulisadroid for participating last week! :D
I'm tagging a few people who I hope participate! ^^
@poojas Markiplier has some good rage quit moments too lol
Michael "Rage Quit" Jones Lmao I love his Rage Quit series
i laughed the whole time xD
@poojas I made my card
@poojas Markiplier Super Mario Maker or Give up 2 lol
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