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Topp Dogg is already an amazing group of talented individuals. Yet people don't seem to notice their songs/releases or even realize they exist. I hope it's mostly because they're not part of a big name company, but I worry it's because there is a bias against newer groups that are larger (since they debuted with 13 members).
Anyway, I'm hoping this video and some that I post below will help to make people realize that they're a group worth getting into.
I mean, aren't fans always talking about how companies need to respect their artists and recognize that they're human beings? Obviously HUNUS - previously Stardom - is doing something right with these boys.
These are songs showcasing their various talents after debut, when they were still a 13 member group.
Some fabulous covers by my babies~
My beautiful idiots being happy and crazy.
Some flawless dances that aren't part of their regular song choreographies.
Some group shots from when they were 13, then 12, now 10.
Now some shots of my babies that are still in the group~
In order: Hansol, Xero, A-Tom, B-Joo, Yano, Jenissi, Hojoon, Nakta, Sangdo, P-Goon
This is my somewhat rant about my babies, who I believe deserve far more recognition than they get. I hope you enjoyed my Topp Dogg spam and will consider listening to some of their music in the future.
Thanks and have a wonderful day <3
@faith92 well I'm happy to hear of more toppklass members, so welcome. I'm not great with them, but I can certainly try to help with the members and I definitely am always happy to recommend videos of theirs~ Also jiyoungleo (last tagged person in the comment at the top) has done a whole set of cards for topp dogg if you're interested in checking it out :)
@faith92 I'm glad you've found them. And I'm hoping through apps like this more people will start giving them more chances. Do you have any favorite songs and/or members?
Yaaassssss xD
I definitely will! :) thanks!
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