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(Previously on Jackson Wang)
"Hyun-ae~ you have to leave the house. You can't stay here forever." I say with my head leaning against the door and my right fist slowly giving up on knocking.
"Ani! I'm not leaving looking like this!" I jump back when something bangs against the bedroom door.
"Hyun-ae this is not healthy." I try again.
"Aniyo, I'm never going to leave the apartment."
"YAH! Are you crazy?!" By the sound of the bang, she most likely threw a larger object this time.
"Yes! The cancer is in my brain already!"
"Hyun-ae! Stop this right now!" She has crossed the line this time. "Open the damn door!"
"Aniyo..."She says quietly this time.
The door bell rings pulling my attention away from the situation. "Aish, this child." The door bell rings again over and over again. "I'M COMING!" I just paid the rent why are they bothering me now? "May I help-" What the heck is going on here? This doesn't make any sense. How? When? Why?!
"Can I come in?" Mark asks with a smile.
"So...what brings you to State side?"I ask Mark who is sitting across from me on the bar stool. How did he find me? Do the others know where I'm at now? Are they here with him? Is...Jackson here?
"The concert."He simply states then sips his tea.
"That's not for another, what, three to four weeks."
"Oh so you have been keeping up with us." He chuckles.
"How did you know I was here?" How is he so calm?
He stays silent and stares at a spot on the island counter. "Why did you leave?"
What? "I asked you a question first."
"It doesn't matter how I found you. What does matter is telling me on why you left."
"Last time I checked I didn't have to keep you updated on my life." I try to stay as calm as I can. Why does he need to know everything?
"It's not just your life,(Y/N), it's Hyun-ae's life as well." Is he serious right now?
"Why must you know why we left?"
"I just want to know."
"Well if there is no reason then I don't see why I have to tell you."
"God damn it, (Y/N)!" I jump from Mark's sudden outburst. "Was it because of me?"
I give out a chuckle. "Don't make me laugh." He face is expressionless. "Oh, you were serious?" I laugh. "What made you think that it was because of you?"
" left right after New Years so I figured..."His voice sounds as if he's embarrassed.
"Just because I left after New Years doesn't mean it was because of you. I'm not childish like that."
"Did you even think of Hyun-ae? Did you ask her if she wanted to move?"
"She's the one who wanted to move. She's the one who decided to leave Korea and move to the States. I went to go say bye the day we left but she didn't want anyone to know." Why does he keep poking at it? Is he trying to aggravate me because he's doing an awesome job at doing so.
"What? Why? What are you two hiding?!"
"Mom..."Hyun-ae voice breaks our conversation. "I'm hungry."She slowly walks out from behind the wall.
"Okay Sweetie I'll make your lunch." I get up from the table and walk a few steps to the kitchen.
I open the fridge and take out the ingredients to make Hyunae a sandwhich. Hyunae slowly makes her way to the dining table and carefully sits on a chair. Mark gives me a look but I ignore it and continue with getting lunch ready. I don't know what's worse, honestly, Mark coming out of nowhere or Hyunae acting as if he's not there.
"So did I win or did you just get hungry?" I say trying to break the silence.
"I'm just hungry." She grumbles. I laugh and sit down at the table handing her the sandwhich. "So, Mark, how long are you staying?"
Mark chokes on his tea from her sudden question. He grabs a napkin and wipes his mouth. "Oh..." He clears his throat then composes himself. "Just until the others get here." Hyunae's eyes go wide, "which is about in two weeks or something." Hyunae physically relaxes and stays quiet while eating her lunch.
*Later That Day*
"We don't have a guest room so you'll have to sleep on the sofa." I let the blanket and pillow, that I had brought from my closet, fall beside the sofa in the living room.
"Thanks."Mark says while picking up the pillow and leaning it against the armrest. "Is this the reason on why you two left?" I stay silent and walk a few feet into the kitchen and grab a cup of water. "Why didn't you tell me that she's dying?"
I calmly place the cup down on the counter. "No, she's not dying."
"(Y/N), are you blind?! Anyone can see that she's dying!"
"Don't raise your voice in my house," I turn out the light in the kitchen and make my way to my room.
"You need to start getting ready, (Y/N)" I continue to walk. "You need to accept the-"
"No, Mark! It doesn't work that way! You don't get to come over and tell me what I do and do not need to accept! I know my daughter is dying. I know that one day I'm going to wake up and not see her. I know Mark! I'm just trying to give myself some hope that life may turn right side up again."
Mark opens his mouth to say something but I speak first before he has the chance, "Sorry for my outburst but I don't want to talk about this right now. Goodnight." With that I leave into the hallway.
*Few Days Later*
Have you ever felt like something is your fault but is actually not your fault, but~ technically is your fault. After their mini episode on the night Mark came, yes I heard everything, they have not spoken to each other. I just can't help but feel like it's my fault. If I wasn't sick we'd be in Korea living happily, but now because of me we had to move.
"Mom, can we go on a picnic today? It's starting to feel hot in here." I ask as I walk into her office.
"Yeah sure thing. Let me just get ready, okay?" She says standing up from her desk.
"Okay." I head for the door. "Mark is coming too!" I shout out as I leave.
It's such a beautiful day out! The sun is shining, the wind feels wonderful, the birds chirping and pooping away, and the car horns from city traffic is just amazing. This is the first time that I've been out in my wheelchair. We used to come out but I used the walker only.
"Over there, that's a good spot." I point out to a empty area underneath a tree. Mark spreads out the blanket and Mom locks the brakes on my chair.
We eat silently while watching the tour and taxi boats sail by. Mom is sitting angled away from Mark and Mark is staring off into space thinking of God knows what. Why are they being so bratty with each other? Yes, I understand that Mark is upset that we left and didn't tell him, but it was my choice so he shouldn't be upset with Mom.
"I don't know what's more depressing." I say catching their attention. "Dying from cancer or the two people who raised me are childishly fighting over something because of me?
"Hyunae," Mom says.
"It's not because of you." Mark finishes off.
"You're upset that we left because you thought it was because what happened during New Years when in fact it was because of me." I tell Mark. "Mom is mad because you're overreacting."
"So it's my fault?" Mark laughs.
"Yes, but mostly my fault." I smile. "So now that atmosphere is done with; can we have fun now?"
"Well what haven't you guys seen yet?" Mark asks while grabbing grapes out of the basket.
"Everything." I say.
"Are you serious?" Mom stays silent. "You two have been here for like half a year and you haven't gone out?!"
"It's not that simple when you have doctor visits and therapy. Plus she sleeps a lot now." Mom defends.
"Okay that is it." Mark starts to pack everything up.
"What are you doing?" Mom asks while being pushed off the blanket.
"We're leaving." He simply states.
"Where are we going?" I ask.
"To the zoo."
"You don't even know where it's at." Mom says while folding the blanket.
"But you do."
"No I don't."
"I told you we don't go out."
Mark groans like a child who was told to go to time out. "Fine~ I guess we're tourists for the day." Mark hands the basket over to Mom who places the blanket on my lap. "Let's go!" Mark shouts while taking the brakes off of the chair.
"You're going the wrong way already." Mom says from behind us.
"It's called going on a adventure, (Y/N), duh." I laugh as Mark turns me around and heads in the right direction.
*30 Minutes Later*
"I'm pretty sure that we're lost." Mom says.
"No, I know exactly where we're at." Why don't 'men' like asking for directions. "We're almost there. I can feel it."
"Mark, this is our fifth time passing by the Bean."
"They have those spread through out the city."
"Why beans though?" I ask.
"Because this is where the bean was found."
"No, it's not." Mom quietly says.
"I believe it was back in 1986 when the bean was found in Chicago. No one knew what it was."
"Don't be teaching my daughter false information."
"Were you there when the bean was found?"
"No, but neither were you and I'm 100% positive the bean was not found in 1986." Mark ignores Mom and continues with the false facts. "Mark you're like the only American who doesn't know their history."
Mark stops and turns me around with him. "Yes I do."
"Then who is the thirteenth president?"
Mark gives out a chuckle. " one cares about the thirteenth president. The only important ones are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy, and Obama."
"W-w-why Obama?" Mom sounds like she's about to lose her mind.
"First African American president."
"I think Mom means why as in What did he do to be on the list of V.I.P of the United States. Like GW first U.S president, Lincoln abolished slavery, and Kennedy well that's a unsolved case." I say.
"How did you get so smart?" Mark pinches my cheeks.
"She's my daughter. What did you expect for her to be like other 7 year olds learning the addition and subtraction table?" Mom says.
"What makes you think she got it from you?" Mark jokes. He begins to push me again leaving Mom behind.
"Well...because I'm smart!" Mom shouts.
*1 Hour Later*
We finally arrive to Lincoln Park Zoo thanks to Mom who used her phone. I started to feel uncomfortable with all the people giving me sympathetic looks. I can practically hear all of their questions being thrown at me. 'Poor little girl, I wonder what she has?' 'Is it contagious?' Then there were those that I can literally hear.
"Mommy, why does she not have eyebrows?"
"What is that thing up her nose?" "Don't stare it's rude."
This is why I didn't want to leave the apartment before, but I had to if I wanted Mom and Mark to make up. I can handle this. I have to handle it. I will not cry.
"Let's go." Mom tells Mark.
"We just got here."
"I will not let my daughter feel like she's some freak because of these ignorant people." Mom says loud enough causing the people who were staring at me to look away. "We're leaving." Mark nods his head then starts to turn me around.
"Excuse me." Someone says. The person comes around and comes into view. "I saw that you were leaving when you just arrived."
"Oh, yeah, we forgot to do something at home." Mom says.
"Its okay. You can say it. Idiots were staring."The woman says then slowly kneels to be at eye level with me. "Hello Beautiful." I whisper a hi back. "Try to ignore them okay? There is always going to be people like that but it's just because they fear the unknown. They don't know what's wrong with you and me. They don't know how it feels to be going through this. It just shows that we're stronger than them." She removes her hat and right away I see her long scar from a surgery on her head. "I wear the hat for the little kids so they won't be freaked out, but usually when I go out I don't wear anything because it shows how strong I am. We're strong because we fight through the suffering. So don't ever go into hiding." She lightly brushes her thumb on my left cheek. "You're way too beautiful to hide. Plus if they can't handle it then who cares. The animals don't care on how we look." She smiles.
She stands straight up again and places her hat back on. "You're doing a great job." She tells my mom as she goes to give her a hug.
It's the final days that Mark is going to be here, in Chicago. It amazes me how much time has gone by. We went out everyday after that kind lady at the zoo made me feel better. We went to the Sears Tower, Navy Pier, and then we took a river tour. Then after the city we just went down the street to the park and just spent time playing on the swings or playing some games.
Mom and Mark have made up which I'm very happy for. Which also means that everything is back to normal before GOT7. He's even back to sleeping in the same room as mom, so everything is back to normal. Now that is bad because when Mark leaves Mom is going to be all lonely stuck in Chicago because of me.
Don't be sad Hyunae. Let's just get a good nights rest. Plus another bright side is that I've been feeling better lately. Yes, happy thoughts for happy dreams.
"Dad, I can't find my pink bow!" I moved back to Korea with Jackson after my 10th birthday.
"Did you check in the bathroom drawer?"
"Yes! As well as my room and your room."
"Check the drawer again."
I drag my feet back to the bathroom and open the drawer. "It's not here...NEVERMIND!!! I FOUND IT!" I grab my bow and clip it to my ponytail. I'm so happy that my hair has finally grown back after I fought cancer for the second time. I skip down back to the living area and plop down onto a chair by the island.
"Breakfast is ready!" My dad slides over a plate with chocolate chip pancakes then brings over the whip cream.
"What are we doing today, Princess?" Dad asks while putting the whip cream on my pancakes for me.
"Hmm...I don't know; don't you have to go to work?" I lightly drizzle on some chocolate syrup on the cream.
"True. So get ready to go to Mom's after you finish. I might as well pick up Mark as well since I'll be dropping you off."
I nod my head agreeing. "You're not going to eat?" I ask when I don't see a plate for him.
"I have to stay fit."
"C'mon you can have a little bit.Yummy yummy pancakes." I wave the fork, that carries a piece of pancake, in front of his nose.
"Yah, if I eat this good bye six pack which means no more fan service which means no more Jackson fans." He turns his head away.
"If you love me, Daddy, you'll eat it."
"No more pancakes for you." He picks up my half eaten plate and takes it to the sink. "Go get your shoes on."
"But I wasn't finished." I pout as I slide off the bar stool and stomp my way to my room.
*At Mom's Building*
"Hi Mark!" I wave and smile at Mom's new husband, which is Daddy's best friend, as I get out of the backseat of Dad's car.
"Hey Kiddo, your mom is waiting for you upstairs." He says as he gets close to the car.
"Okay." I give him a thumbs up. I turn around and wave bye to Jackson, "Bye Dad."
"Behave well, Hyunae." He says through the open window.
I stay outside the building waving bye as the car drives off. Once they're gone I enter the building and head for the elevators. I press the button marked with the number six then the doors close lifting me up the the sixth floor. I swing back and forth on my heels as I patiently wait to arrive. I'm quite excited to spend time with Mom on the weekends since I only see her while Dad works and when I'm not in school. I would have been living with Mom but I wanted to spend time with Dad to make up for the years I didn't get with him.
The elevator's bell rings signaling that we have arrived. The doors slide open and all I see is nothing. It's pitch black the only light is coming from the elevator. I look at the screen inside the elevator and it read "6" as in the sixth floor. I step forward and peak out my head. I turn right and see nothing but an exit sign. I turn left and see the same as the right.
I turn back to the right and see a figure standing beneath the exit sign. With the little light that is radiating off the sign I can make out that its a lady. "H-hello? Mom, is that you?" The lady raises her arms and places her hands on her face then she lets out the bloodiest scream that echoes through out the hall causing my ears to ring. I run back in the elevator and vigorously press the "Close Doors"button. The doors close and with a gush of wind being shoved through the closing doors I'm knocked off my balance falling to the ground. I scramble to the corner and cry in a curled up little ball. " me."
"What's that?" Mark asks sluggishly still half asleep.
"What's what?" You ask still curled up in the blankets.
"There." Mark sits up in the bed. "Did you hear it? It sounds like someone is mumbling."
You sit up in the bed as well and turn on the side lamp. You reach over Mark going to the other night stand. "It's Hyunae." You bring out a baby monitor from behind the clock. "I have it just in case she needs me during the night." You retract to your side of the bed and place the monitor on your night stand.
"Is she awake?"
"No. More like sleep talking." You lay back down and pull the blanket up to your chest.
"Should we check on her?"
"No, she's fine. Just go back to bed." Mark nods his head and leans over to turn off the lamp.
The lights begin to flicker which makes my fear rise causing my heartbeat to quicken. The elevator dings and the doors open. There standing was a black tall figure. He looked ghost like but he wasn't a ghost. He just had a black aura around him. No face or ears. Just limbs. Like a human form of those things in the Harry Potter movies. He steps into the lift painfully slow making his way to me. He grabs me by my throat and lifts me off my feet. He pins me against the wall of the elevator causing me to wince. Then a whole begins to appear where a mouth belongs.
"Scream." Is spoken out in my head. Was that him? "SCREAM!" I scream out not because he said to. No. I was screaming because I was terrified of what could happen.
His grip around my neck tightens as the oxygen is sucked out of me. I try to pry off his hand with my hands but it's no use. My vision starts to go in and out of focus. A strange noise escapes me as I feel his free hand dig into my abdomen grasping a hold of one of my lungs. I gasp and cough trying my best to breathe to have my lungs to stop burning.
Mark sits up in bed again when he noticed something. Hyunae was no longer talking in her sleep, but he did hear something come from the monitor he just couldn't make out the sound. He steps out of bed and quietly walks across the room to the night stand picking up the monitor and raises the volume a slight bit. The sound was much clearer now but he still didn't know what it was.
I was in agonizing pain, but I didn't know from what. Is it from the lack of oxygen? Is it because he's squeezing my lung? Or is it from his nails digging into my neck as he chokes me? All I know is that I'm going to die from this. I just wish death would come sooner.
The black hole on his face widens sucking whatever life was left in me. I can feel my lungs crumbling as dry leaves in the fall. My body begins to violently shake. This is it. This is the end.
Mark gives up on the monitor and heads to the door to check on Hyunae.
"Where are you going?" You ask him with your eyes still shut close.
"I'm going to check up on Hyunae. Go back to bed."Mark says before slipping into the hallway.
Mark opens the door to Hyunae's room. "Hyunae." He whispers. He stays by the door then flicks the light switch on when he recognized the noises were actually the sound of Hyunae gasping for air.
"(Y/N)!"Mark calls out for you.
I jump out of bed to go see why Mark is calling me. "What's the matt-" I get cut off as I enter the room.
"Call 9-1-1 NOW!" He's kneeling by the bed with Hyunae shaking in his arms. I can't move I'm stuck. I...I...I don't know what to do. "(Y/N) I need you to call them, please."
I run to my room and grab my phone dialing the most important three digit number.
"9-1-1 emergency." The operator says.
"Hello, my name is (YOUR FULL NAME) and I live on 25 W. Randolph Street Apartment 635."
"Okay Ma'am what's your emergency?"
"My daughter..."I try to remain calm but my emotions are just getting worse.
"What about your daughter, Ma'am?"
"I think she's having a seizure and it's her first one. I don't know what to do." I quickly say before my voice cracks from holding back the tears.
"How old is she?"
"How is she positioned?"
"Um..."I walk back into the room and let out a strangled sound at the sight of my daughter shaking. "She's laying on her back on the bed."
"Actually my friend has her in his arms but she's still on the bed."
"Okay, Miss, I'm going to need you to tell your friend everything that I'm telling you, okay?"
"Are you with your friend?"
"Okay good. Tell him to loosen any clothing that's around her neck."
"Mark, she said to loosen any clothing from her neck."
"Does a necklace count as clothing?" He asks gently setting Hyunae back on the bed.
"Does a necklace count as clothing?"
"For her safety, right now, yes. Please remove it." Mark carefully removes the locket I got her for Valentine's Day. I had put a photo of Jackson on one side then I on the other. "Okay now if possible roll her onto her side do not force the body to move. If you're not able to; move only her head to the side, but again do not force it. You can cause harm to her if you force her body to move." I repeat everything to Mark and he tilts her head to the right.
"Okay now this is very important. Do not place anything in her mouth. It's a myth about the swallowing of a tongue. If you put anything in her mouth it will cause damage to her teeth or jaw."
"Okay." I tell Mark the operators instructions. "What if she bites down on her tongue?"
"She'll just have to get stitches."She simply states. "How is she doing?"
I turn back towards Hyunae who is still. "She's still."
"Is she breathing?"
"Yes." I confirm as I see her abdomen rise and fall in rhythm.
"Okay the paramedics just arrived."
"Thank you." I smile in relief.
"No problem, Ma'am." Then the call ends.
When the paramedics arrive they check Hyunae waking her as they do. They place my confused Hyunae onto the gurney and roll her out of the apartment.
"Go with them. I'll be behind you guys in the car, okay?" Mark says. "She's going to be okay. She's in good hands." I give a little nod then follow the medics to the elevators.
So it turns out that I had a dream. I was not back in Korea with Jackson, Mom and Mark are not married, I'm seven and not ten, and no such thing as a murderous dark shadow.
"So I had a seizure?" I couldn't believe it. What happened in my nightmare actually happened in reality. Amazing! Sad but amazing. "Then what happened?"
"You calmed down then the paramedics came for you." Mark says.
We all turn towards the door when we hear a knock. A doctor walks through the door with a folder in his hands. "Hello, I'm Dr. Glatz. I'm watching over Hyunae for the time being until your doctor comes in." He greets us and I reply with a hello. "Ms." He looks at the chart. "Ms. (Y/L/N) nice to meet you." The doctor shakes Mom's hand then pauses not knowing Mark's name.
"Mark Tuan." Mark stands up and shakes his hand.
"Nice to meet you as well Mrs. Tuan."He gestures for Mark to have a seat after kindly shaking his hand. "May I speak to you outside?"Mom nods her head then leaves with the doctor while Mark stays with me.
"So I have good news and terrible news. It does not make a difference one which I tell first because the bad news will make the good news sound like eh news." Dr. Glatz says. "So with all of the tests we ran nothing shows that the seizure was serious. It was probably caused by the lack of sleep and she could have also had a fever during the night. Then the MRI of the brain shows that she's clear of cancer there. "
I nod my head in understanding. "On the other hand the X-Ray that was taken shows that it has worsened in her lungs and other parts of her body."
I place my hand on the counter, in the nurses station, to balance myself Why is this happening? I'm doing everything that I was told to do. Why is she not getting better? "Is there a medication that can suppress the cancer for a while?"
"I'm sorry, Ma'am. I can't imagine what you're going through. But I advise that you spend every minute with your daughter from now on." I nod my head. "I'm going to have her stay for the afternoon just in case anything happens then she'll be discharged."
"Okay." The doctor excuses himself then leaves.
I make my way back to the room but stop at the door. I wipe my tears away then take a deep shaky breath. I have to stay happy for Hyunae. She must not find out. These have to be the happiest months of her life.
I walk back in with a smile on my face. "Why are you smiling like you just got away with murder?" Hyunae questions.
"What? my smile that bad?"
"Eh." Mark tilts his hand side to side gesturing 'so, so'. "What did the doctor talk to you about?"
"Just that her seizure didn't have anything to do with the cancer."
"Oh that's good. So what did cause it?"
"The results were inconclusive so he said its probably from the stress or lack of sleep."
"So do I get go home?" Hyunae asks.
"Not just yet. They want to keep an eye on you for the afternoon."
Hyunae pouts. "I wanted to go home already."
"We'll go home soon, don't worry." I sit back down on the chair next to Mark.
"Hello?" Hyunae and I look at Mark who was on the phone. "What do you need?" I wonder who he's talking to especially if he's speaking in Engli- "You guys are already here?!" never mind. "But it's Thursday. The concert is not till Saturday. I was expecting you guys to arrive tomorrow night." I look back at Hyunae who was flipping through pages in one of the hospital magazines. "My hotel? I'm not there...I'm with" I smack his arm, "I mean I'm walking around the city alone?" Why is that a question? "Yes? Yes, I'm alone." I swear this guy is such an...ugh. "Right now? I don't even know where that is. Just text me the address. I'll be there in thirty minutes, depends on traffic." Mark gives one last okay then gets up giving his farewells.
"Why does she keep lying? I know she doesn't want Hyunae to know but she could at least tell me. It's better if she tells me so she won't have to deal with it alone." I can't help but to talk about the situation to myself as I sit in the back of a cab to the hotel.
I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. The screen comes to life when I place my right thumb on the home button unlocking the phone. It's a text from (Y/N).
*Hey we'd really appreciate it if you don't mention us. Until she's ready.* I lock the phone without replying.
I get out of the cab when we reach the hotel. I turn back around to the cab driver handing him his money. "Have a good day." He says then leaves.
The door man open the door when I approach him. "Good afternoon." He greets. I nod my head in the American manner of a reply to a stranger.
I make my way into the high class hotel passing by women with ridiculous large bags with small dogs, men with slick back jet black hair in suits, and your ordinary tourist family.
"Welcome to the Trump Hotel. My name is Sebastian. How may I be of service to you, sir?" The guy behind the counter says.
"Hello Sebastian, I need my room number but I do not know what name the room is under." He pretends to tap on the screen of the computer. "The name could possible be Seunghoon."
"Ah, Mr. Seunghoon, yes he just checked in."
"Can I have the room numbers in which he checked into?"
"I can not release that information to you for I have no idea of your business with Mr. Seunghoon. BUT I can assure you that it can be solved out of this hotel." The tool says to me. "Plus we do NOT allow weapons in this building."
I laugh at how ridiculous this guy is being. "Look, I don't know what spy assassin movies you're watching, but you're not in one." He stays silent. "Just forget it. I'll just call him and find my room on my own." I grab a mint from the bowl on the counter. "Oh! Expect a call from your manager." I smirk and place the candy in my mouth then lean over the counter placing the wrapper in his front pocket of his jacket. "Have a nice day." I say to him before leaving the lobby.
I get off of the lift to the floor my manager texted me then turn right walking down the hall to the rooms. I knock on the room number he told me, 939, and wait for someone to open the door.
"Who is it?" I recognize Jackson's voice.
"Your boyfriend." I joke.
The door swings open revealing a happy Jackson with a goofy smile glued to his face. "MARK!" I jump onto him wrapping my legs around his waist making him let out a contagious Jackson laugh.
He carefully walks backwards out of the doorway then turns around slowing walking into the room. He taps my left thigh letting me know to get down. I turn around to look at the room coming face to face with Yugyeom. "Hyung!" He shouts right in my face. Just so you can get an idea on how close he was I was able to taste his breath. Thankfully he had brushed his teeth or chewed a stick of gum because his breath tasted minty.
"Personal space, Yugyeom." I chuckle as he smiles and backs away.
"I've missed you!" BamBam says as he gives me a hug. The others clear their throats at Bam. "I mean WE missed you."
"I've missed you guys too." I give them all of their hugs.
"How long have you been here?"JB asks.
Do I tell them the truth or do I lie? "Just since the weekend."
"Awesome that means we get to sight see still. Have you seen much?" Youngjae asks.
"Just the Bean and the zoo."
"Great! There's still so much we can do together as a group."
But I need to go back to the hospital. "Yeah, sure."
We all turn to the entrance when we hear the door open. "Let's go. Time to go to work." I hear the members sadly sigh. "Mark, you made it." I was planning on saying something but he cut me off before I had the chance to open my mouth. "Let's go we have to get to the arena to run a practice to test out the flooring, lights, and audio; so if anything is damaged we can fix it now instead of last minute."
Everyone shuffles to the door grabbing a black hoodie and mask then slipping on their shoes. I guess I'll just go see them at the apartment tomorrow.
"Hello," A nurse says while coming into the room.
"Do I get to go home now?" Hyunae asks.
"Not yet sweetie. I need to talk to your mom really quick, okay?" Hyunae nods her head and I get up leaving the room with the nurse.
"Ma'am, you're doctor, Dr. Picou, looked over the scans and he wants you to stay for a few more days." The nurse says.
"Did something show up?" I ask.
"Dr. Picou sees something that Dr. Glatz does not see so while they're having their debate they'd like for you to stay."
"Do you know what our doctor saw?"
"No ma'am I do not." The nurse says before excusing herself.
"Just great." I quietly grumble. What am I going to tell Hyunae? She wants to go home already.
When I enter Hyunae's room I find her fast asleep. She looks so exhausted. I can't imagine the pain she feels. I understand that we all suffer at a point in our lifetime, but she's only seven. She's still a baby. How do parents go through this?
I slide the chair, that I was on, beside Hyunae's bed. I reach for her hand but only skimming it as I retract my hand. Her hands are ice cold. They have never been ice cold. Is it too cold in here for her? I grab her left hand and wrap both of my hands around her tiny one trying to give her some warmth.
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