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The Broncos organization and the rest of the NFL let go one of the greatest football players of all time this week: Peyton Manning. And just a few days later, the Broncos is losing its second option, Brock Osweiler.
Osweiler, who was drafted by the Broncos in 2012, waited his entire career to break from Peyton Manning's shadow and had his shot this season when Manning was out with injury. The 25 year-old QB started for the remaining regular season games with a record of 5-2. But that was it. Peyton would come back, take back the starting QB role, and walk off with his second Super Bowl ring.
But now that Peyton retired, it was likely that Osweiler would get the starting QB role for the Broncos.

Then the Houston Texans came in.

According to sources, the Texans and Osweiler reached a deal of $72 million for four years. What does this mean for the Denver Broncos? They lost both their number one and number two quarterbacks this week.

Football fans, what are your reactions to this? Do you think the 2016 Super Bowl champion have a shot at winning the Super Bowl again next season?

Wow the Broncos are screwed hahaha
it depends on the qb. and the team too. as said its a team not just one player. the qb and the receiver have to have that connection.
It depends upon what QB Denver picks up in the off season Denver still has a solid team I'm sure they'll get a QB to fit their needs. I think they win their division next year
the texans are finally making some good moves i c hell ya lets do it!!!
Yeah the Broncos stand no chance
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