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Here is another one of those stories that will just make your heart completely melt. If you are having a rough day or just need a story to make you smile, this is just for you!

Meet Erin and Lacey.

Erin Condrin lives in Queensland, Australia and she recently went to a school dance. And what better way to go to a school dance than to match your service dog? Erin's service dog, Lacey, is three years old and helps Erin out with tasks, such as opening and closing doors and turning on and off light switches.
Lacey and Erin decided to wear matching outfits for the school dance. The matching outfits were made by JPS Design in Australia. Erin decided that Lacey wasn't quite ready to go to the dance so Lacey ended up not going to the dance. Maybe next dance.

How perfect do they look together?!