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I cant just pick one girl! So its Waifus for this Fairy Tail edition! So I am doing my Top 10! @hikaymm
Mirajane is just one of the very many girls that I absolutely love in Fairy Tail! Beautiful and Nice yet can still be Powerful and Scary is exactly why i love the gorgeous She-Devil❤
Juvia! This Water mage is so cute, funny and powerful! And her lover for Gray and her guildmates is just too cute how could I not love this Beautiful FT Girl❤
Levy is one of the cutest bookworms that I have ever seen! Plus this Smart Solid Script mage and are probably the same height (way to go shorties!)
Lucy is just amazing! This Celestial Wizard has some some sassy spunk but she really is a sweetheart and has a really strong love for Fairy Tail thats what makes her one of my favorites!
Erza! This Queen of the Fairies is just so amazingly beautiful, strong, wise, and pure hearted (sometimes lol) this Equip Magic Queen just makes me love Fairy Tail even more!
Wendy! Wendy is the definition of adorable! This Sky Dragon Slayer cutie might be young but has a strong heart that fights proudly for hmFairy Tail. Plus shes like everyone's little sister in the guild its soo cute!
Cana! This sassy druken Card Mage is like the life of the party! Shes so funny but I like how she can react to situations really quickly and even has the strong mind set and passion for the guild that she is able to use Fairy Glitter (one of the three fairy spells) Id hang lut with this girl any day!l
Aquarius! I love this harsh yet loving character! This sexy Celestial Spirit might come off as scary or intimidating at times but you can tell she has the heart like a mother. I love her sassy side too she can be cute at times but just dont mess with her man lol.
Virgo! I love this Celestial Spirit too! I love how she can be so random at times and so funny too. Virgo is such a lovable character even if her wanting to get punished seems a bit too crazy sometimes xD
Lisanna! This Take-Over Mage has all the right things ( not in the way most guys think lol) She's Funny, Reliable, Fierce and Lovable! What I like most about her is her lover for her family and guildmates cx
@AimeBolanos I wholeheartedly agree with you about that.
Juvia is bae, definitely. 😚
@DaiGakuSei I did say most guys, and thats great we need more guys like you in this world!
ummm. in that last statement, as a guy, I can say I look for those things more than anything else really and honestly.
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