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So I just saw HaruBoazi post about this and I freaked out! To be honest I have been freaking out and telling everyone about this, whether they want to hear or not, since they announced the new album.
This was me in the car staring at my phone yelling to my mom that they announced the US tour dates. I'm like, "They are going to be in Chicago, I have to get tickets ASAP! I will sell my liver if it means I get to see Got7!" Legit what I said. I went into full ahgasse fan mode when I got home searching the Internet for more info. Unfortunately this is really all there is. So for anyone who is interested in the other tour dates and locations check out SubKultureEnt on Facebook. So far they have announced dates in Dallas, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta.
yay!!!! another group I like coming to atl!!! after the aomg disappointment this is amazing!!
@BangsterLife Same here!
Yay!!! I have to go see them, no matter what. 😝😄