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About a month ago @ashleyemmert made a got 7 screenshot game called Follow Me. I played the game and made my results into at story. At first it was just going to be a one shot but I have decided to make into a story. But my result crd does not give a lot of background information of how I met the boys of Got7 and my love JR. I decided it would also be a lot of fun to include the IGOT7 Team @luna1171 (Luna) @PrettieeEmm (Emm) @Mandubum (Mandi) @UnniCakesAli (Ali) @AaliyahNewbell (Aaliyah) and @MaricelvaRomero (Mari) as follow characters in this story. I am hoping to touch you all in your feel zones and really make this a great love story. I would appreciate comments and feedback. A
Never in my life would I have imagined being an exchange student about 10years ago when I was 15 would change my life so much. Studying abroad in South Korea when I was 15 was scary but my neighbor at that time Mark who was younger than me taught me Korean when I was little and I was fluent in it. After I did six months in the student exchange program and came back home to the states I made my mind up at that time I was going to go to college in Korea and live there. I fell in love with the music, fashion, and cultural. Here it is 10 years later, I am 25 and live with some of the best girls ever. I met them going to college and some online and we met in real life and just clicked. We all vary in age from 21-25 but we have so much love for each other. Luna (24), Emm (25) and I all met in college and became inseparable. We all love the band GOT7 and BTS. It was going to fan meets that we met Aaliyah (21), Mandi (22), Ali (23), and Mari(22) and bonded over our love of kpop and especially Got7. These girls became like a special little family to me and we all decided to get a place together. Luna works as a teacher; teaching English but paints in her spare time. I also paint, and write novels, and poetry on the download. I am an indie author and publish my books and writings through amazon and make cash that way. Luna and I also have our own website that sells our art and we make a small killing doing a hobby we love. Emm is our music guru and works at a radio station at the moment and is hoping to break into the tv industry music shows. I really hope it works out for. Ali is another indie author that sells her stuff on amazon. She is a much better writer than me but we both kill it. Mandi and Aaliyah love to dance in their spare time well finishing college. I forgot to mention my other passions. I am a masseuse, a hairstylist, beauty consultant and fashionista. Right now I am in the stages of making my own fashion line. What really has me hyped is that all of us girls are making it independently by ourselves here in Seoul without having to rely on our parents. We have extra space in our house that if we needed we could sublet out. Besides working on my fashion line and novels and poetry I filled out an application to work at JYP Entertainment as a beauty consultant. I wasn't expecting to get a call so fast after my first interview but here I am finding myself on my way to a personal interview with JYP himself.
I didn't tell the girls about the interview at JYP entertainment. I just told them I filled out an application for one of the Big music companies. They all wished me fighting. As I arrived at the JYP building I was second guessing the outfit I choose for the interview but then decided I look great and had the right balance of edgy chic to professional look. I was met by the receptionist and told her I was here for an interview she told me to go to the top floor and there would be another receptionist and to check in there. I got to the elevators and pressed for the top floor. I met another receptionist. "Hello, I am Veronica Artino and I have an interview with Mr. Park." She picks up a phone and calls someone. She smiles at me and hangs up the phone and tells me to follow her. She leads me down a hallway where I see some of my favorite artists and I bow my head at them and smile. They whisper as I leave their sights. She shows me into an office and JYP is there standing in the flash. I wipe my now sweaty hands on my skirt. He comes around from his desk and puts his hand out. I shake his hand and then he gestures for me to have a seat. "Ms. Artino, I see from your resume that your are a certified masseuse and beauty consultant and have even worked as a both for a refutable spa the last year in half. Your former boss was sad that you left and even had nothing but high praises to say in regards to you. He said you where one of the most popular masseuse and even beauty consultant. He said your work ethic can not even be compared." I felt myself blushing at his words, but I did not look down from his eyes. "Sir, I pride myself on my work ethic. If you love doing something you should put your all in whatever you do and that should shine through in every aspect of your life. You can expect to be great without working hard. I want to be great at everything that I do." JYP nods his head. "Why did you leave your past job? Why do you want to work as just a hairstylist?" "My past employer was a good guy but some of his business ethics did not sit well with me. I applied as a hairstylist at your company because that was the position that was open and I like the ethics of your company. Plus to be honest I would love to be able to help the artists with choosing their hairstylist." "Well, what if I said that after looking at your resume I decided to create a new job here at JYP Entertainment and one that I think you should take?" I look up at him in a little awe and shock, "what would that be Mr. Park?" "A masseuse here for the artists and a hairstylists as needed. Do you accept?" I smile at him and agree. We talk some more about the job requirements and salary. I left out of their with a huge smile on my face.
As I started working at JYP one of the firsts artists I met was GOT7 especially BamBam. He was such a flirt and an adorable like little brother. I also happened to run into Mark. He smiled at me and gave me a hug in front of everyone surprising them. He even called me Noona getting questioning stares from everyone JYP included. Mark explained that back in LA I was his next door neighbor and he was the one while growing up that taught me Korean. He stole my phone and put his digits in it but then he saw that I had them. I laughed and so did he. "Let me guess my Eomma gave you my number the last time you went to visit home." I shake my head. "Cool because your brother gave me yours the last time I was home with strict instructions to take care of you." After that little exchange BamBam and Mark became some of my regulars for a massage. Then started text messaging me and striking up conversations. Soon after the other members of GOT7 would come and exchange pleasantries to me in passing. I was developing a crush on Jr. After a couple of months the girls back at home noticed the change in my behavior. I finally told them I worked at JYP as a masseuse and hairstylist. That I met GOT7 and even exchange a few texts with the members. Emm and Luna started to freak out the most. Especially Luna when I told her that Mark and I grew up together in LA and have been reestablishing our friendship. Emm has only met GOT7 in passing at the music station. She wanted me to ask Mark to come over and bring Jackson so she could stare at her UB and try to molest him she said in a jokingly manner or at least I was hoping she was. Mark was usually busy and so was Jackson so they haven't been able to come over and chill. BamBam on the other hand came over a couple of times and even helped me with fitting clothes on my Fashion line. He was cute and wanted to help me. He became one of my best friends and we loved filming you tube videos about current fashion styles. On one of these occasions he met Mari. I noticed he started to stare at her when she wasn't looking and he thought no one was looking. I smiled and thought I saw a blush come across his cheeks once he saw I notice his stare. Little did he know that Mari has a small crush on him as well, plus he was her bias. It was going on my fifth month anniversary at JYP. I hung out GOT7 quite a lot for movie nights with Mark and BamBam. We became quite great friends. I had special inside jokes with each of them. Jr though always made me smile the most, and laugh. Jb was like the another brother to me. He actually reminded me of my brother Gino back home. I mentioned this to Mark I noticed a slight cringe when I told him how I thought of JB as another brother, well how I thought of all them as another brother. He laughed. I was working and finishing massaging the girls of TWICE. I met BamBam at the doors. We had plans to do another fashion Vlog that night. I also confided to BamBam my feelings about JR. He was encouraging me to confess. I said I didn't know. He just laughed as we walked out of the JYP building into the night sky. Who knew what that night had in store for me and what would come in the future for me and my lovely partners in crime Luna, Emm, Ali, Aaliyah, Mari, and Mandi.
@VeronicaArtino OMG please stop ..cause I won't be able to sleep thinking about and waiting for it. lmaooo!!
O.MG this is amazing. .hah I was literally tearing up here.. hahaa..and laughing at the same time ..hah when you mention Me and Emm fangirling the most..lmao! are we getting more chapters? I need to meet Mark hellooo??! haha
@ashleyemmert I will work you into the story as a coworker that gets hired as another masseuse and you need a place to stay so you come live with us but you need to pick another guy to end up with dorm any other group but got7 because all the members will be taken.
I've been reading and rereading this Omg.. I'm scared to read them cause I don't want them to end ♡♡♡♡
Emm's intro to Jackson will make her blush
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