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Last year, the Houston Astros shocked the world and make a strong push into the playoffs.
One of the biggest reasons for the teams success for Carlos Correa. This year, I doubt he will catch the world by surprise, but the real question is: how good will he truly be this year?
In 2015, Correa hit 22HR, 68 RBI with 14 stolen bases in 99 games.
Those are MONSTER numbers in 100 games. This year, he will get a full season under his belt. It's not farfetched to think, just off of playing more games, that his numbers could increase.
You also have to note that the Astros have a young, improving unit around him. As a result, teams will have to pitch at him even more, which means his RBI numbers could rise a lot.
In fantasy keeper leagues, I wouldn't knock anyone starting in a brand new league taking him in the top 2 rounds. In a regular league, a top 35 pick isn't a bad idea in my opinion also. It's only a handful of good shortstops. Nab him when he's still on the board and enjoy the depth at other positions later!

Is Carlos Correa going to be a fantasy stud in 2016?

I have very high expectations for him this season
Yes. I think we can expect some great numbers from Correa this season!
@mchylang he would be fantasy baseballs next big superstar. Houston REALLY needs this also. They haven't had a star since Jeff Bagwell and Biggio
@davidgom I agree, I think if you can grab him in the 3rd round he will be a steal for sure
oh cutie lol