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Best in depth time travel explanation anime of all time!! Hands down!! For those of you who have seen this anime already know it's greatness and intensity as well as how fun it is when it comes to science. Those who haven't, WATCH IT NOW!! It is an amazing anime its rating is just short of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD, which is saying a lot!! It is an amazing fun, scary, sad, intense, thriller anime. Starts out almost slow or annoying I though at first but then boom it hits and it's like non stop moving forward. And not just steps but by leaps and huge jumps. An amazing anime and way way worth the binge or the watch either way. I give it a 10/10!! Even after my 4/5/6+ rewatch!! Always find something new bc it's very well created and the science is great!! It's like a completely alternative but yet super science based and needed like FMA!! Watch now NAKAMA!! Anime is life!!
@1FallenAngel it is a great anime NAKAMA!! I actually had to watch it 2 times before I truly loved it. The first time I was a little annoyed but when I watched it again I loved it and I've been binging it multiple times since. Ahh but this means I'm not watching any new anime!!! I need new anime to watch I keep re watching stuff bc there is so many good animes I just love re watching and binging over my days off. Haha glad you have it as a top tho NAKAMA!! @invinsybll have u seen this NAKAMA??
I've watched it at least 3 times myself. @LuffyNewman
One of my favorites!