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I it kinda late when I was done with the meal and I so happened to look at the calendar and read what it said' 030916' I looked away then back at it "march 9th holy sh*t!" I placed the food on the lager table and I told them to come and eat and while they were eating I snuck out to buy yoongie a cheese cake *****yoongi****** aw she didnt say happy birthday to me maybe she forgot oh well "hey yoongi remember that talk I had with you are you still gonna help me " jin whispered "ne" I said even tho I really didn't but I like when she is happy and I love to make her smile I just love altogether but I don't have a chance with jin here he could steal her away at anytime because well he is the visual of the group and he looks better than me I guess then it hit me "where's (y/n)-ah " "and as if on cue the door opened and I hear this " saeng il chuk ha ham ni da saeng il chuk ha ham ni da sarang ha neun -- (yoongi oppa) shi saeng il chuk ha ham ni da happy birthday oppa " I take the cake she bought me and put it on the counter along with all these fancy bags and I hug her tight "thank you so much i-i love (y/n)-ah your the best friend in the world I could do nothing with out you" I whisper in her ear she hugs back "I love you too oppa " "now time for your presents" "presents?" she grabbed my hand and the bags and took me to my room and I was so shocked by what she bought me
"wahh (y/n)-ah you didn't have to do this for me I was fine with out a present well in your case presents" "yoongi oppa I bought them to show you I care I seen you look at all these before e but didn't buy it so I bought it for you" I hugged her again she is the best "but there's more so you know those old basketball shoes you had" "why did you say had as in past tense" "I throw them out because they smelled so bad" I was a little upset but they were pretty old "so I bought you a new pair and a couple other things
" your the best friend in the world" she blushed and she was so cite I wish I could kiss her but I know jin likes her so I have to restrict myself "that's going I you are to now its late get some rest I know your gonna be busy" "OK (y/n)-ah love ya chingu " "you too yoonga" this is the best birthday ever thank you (y/n) thank you *********************************** @tiffany1922 all done
@tiffany1922 @Jinnyrod3 OK and thanks
Hey baby girl this is too cute, but just proofread the story that way it flows better (sweg ) lol tag me it's really cute.
its so cute
@CrystalGuerra okay 馃檶
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