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This is a limited addition box for South Koreas White day. White day is an extension of Valentine's Day were the men give treats to women who gave them chocolates on VDay so I've heard
White pie: A chewy Korean rice cake with red bean paste. I've been wanting to try rice cake for a while. It's eaten on all of my favorite dramas and verify shows glad I got to experience it. It has a white coating that's a bit vague no real taste. The inside is sticky and sweet like a dense jelly with a dry paste in the middle. Not a big fan of the textures.
Crispy Roll: Vanilla crispy snack with 21 whole grains and 8 vegetables. This taste like wheat toast with mayonnaise.
Haute Forage: soft and most cake made with cheese from Denmark. Cake was more on the dry side has a hint of sweetness with a slight coconut after taste. It taste like a cheese Danish
Grape/plum candy: sweet and sour grape and plum flavor hard candies. Plum has a nice taste more sweet and sour than the grape. The grape tasted like real grapes.
Fruit Lollipops Sweetest thing in the box fruity kinda reminds me of the lollipops you'd get at the doctors office when you went as a child.
Choco Walnut: sweet and soft cake filled with chocolate and walnuts. I can't say much about this it looked amazing. I have a nut allergy so I couldn't try this.😞
Peppermint candy: mint flavored hard candy. A peppermint is a peppermint had one had them all.
Posted notes and pen My pen came broken but cute none the less.
White cookie pepero: stick biscuits dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with cookies. My favorite item in the box. I had pocky in the same flavor and it pales in comparison to pepero. These have a thicker biscuits and better flavor with actual cookie pieces.
All in all this box is a big bummer. Maybe if I was a grandma I would love to put all these hard candies in the bottom of my purse. I don't think this box is worth $16 dollars. I had high hopes for this box after seeing the valentine box . Hopefully the monthly box will be better. Did anybody get this box did you like ?
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Cuuuuute!! The Chocowalnut thing looks yummy!