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Buster Posey is probably my favorite player of all time.

However, as Posey is aging, there has been constant talk about Posey slowly moving his defensive role from a catcher to first baseman in order to put some weight off of his shoulders defensively, so he can focus more on his hitting.
It is true that catching really puts pressure on your knees and it is one of the most tiresome positions in baseball. Thus, it might make sense to put Buster in first in order to maximize his hitting potential (This does not mean he has not been posting amazing batting numbers as a catcher).

But I simply cannot imagine someone else taking the catcher role within the Giants organization while Buster is on the roster.

And as if he perfectly understood how I felt, Buster stated during an interview that...

"I plan on catching as long as I can."

You can check out the full interview ---> HERE!

Thank you Buster. I really appreciate it.

@ChristopherKenn @DucktheFodgers You guys should also check it out! Buster's the man!
Yeah I saw it on SI. He's the freakin man
@DucktheFodgers Gotta be my favorite Giant!
@mchlyang Well the man said he's going to catch for as long as he can. I still think he has a good six years left in the tank for him.
Wow that is dedication....but if he wants to prolong his career, it might be best for him to move to first base