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Kpop is about perfection.
Perfect dancing, singing, acting. Being charming and entertaining. Smart and sensitive, well-spoken, beautiful, athletic, all of the above and more. You need a spotless image, but how do companies and idols manage that?


Script everything.

Below are examples of scripted moments in Kpop. While I'm sure there are genuine moments for each of these examples, I will confidently say that most of these instances have a script.


Kpop interviews are always set up the same way. The companies are presented with the list of questions beforehand where they edit the questions that can and ca't be asked and then coach their idols on how to answer them. Even the seemingly more candid interviews are at least loosely rehearsed.
There was a Vice interview with Infinite once that got out of hand (the boys started straying from the script essentially) and the company immediately cut off the interview and said they were done. There is almost no way for idols to slip up and say the 'wrong' thing.

Team Roles:

How many times have we had to sit through our groups introducing themselves and hearing their team roles one by one. Not even just 'leader' or 'main vocal' which makes sense, but what about 'the cute maknae' or 'the (flaming lol) charisma.' There are people in each group meant to serve an emotional purpose as well. There needs to be a more mysterious figure, a funny guy, the cute one, etc. A little something for everyone so that no matter what type of guy you like, you'll find one in the group.
Take Taekwoon (Leo) from VIXX has a role placed on him to be quiet, mysterious, and a little moody. In reality, people who have worked with him have confirmed that he's actually a little social butterfly that is cuddly and sweet and laughs a lot. That's just not the image Jellyfish Entertainment wants us to see.


We already talked about SM using more scandals to cover up other scandals, but it's more common than you think in the K-Entertainment world! Dating in the celeb circuit gets your names in the papers and some people think that any press is good press. A lot of the smaller dating rumors are just started by netizens, but others are started by agencies!
Think about all the times idols are asked about their ideal types...that starts drama and can really change both people's popularity! They have to choose politically, not speak honestly.

Variety Shows:

You know how American reality TV is scripted? Well, Korea might even be worse. Look at how buddy buddy Hakyeon and Kangin seem on TV but then he does something like >>this<<
If you watch variety shows carefully, they are so obviously scripted that its just like...why bother watching them. In my personal opinion. We Got Married?! SO scripted! Ick!!!

Do we really know these idols at all?!

@SofiaFifi can Jackson really be scripted though ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I don't think he can he just goes with the flow tho I think jyp allows their idols to do that especially with fantagio I think like yg and sm probably mostly script but idk where vixx is from
It's sad, but true. I've always wondered this about kpop stars. The idols we love so much, is it all fake for our enjoyment. Personally, I've always wanted to be friends with at least one idol, on a personal level, to know what they're really like.
i do think that almost everything is scripted in the kpop industry and i wonder about the videos that the members film of themselves at random times *cough* bTS *cough*
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@candykiran their's and Got7s bromance 😁
I feel like this can be right. like I'm sure a majority of stunts and interviews are scripted but I'm sure they have some times when they just say random shit like really Taehyung from bts can't be scripted all the time he's too weird πŸ˜‚
They're celebrities, obviously people are never really going to know what's real and what's fake without personally knowing them. That's just the nature of their job. It's what celebrities do period. They have to keep up a persona or risk losing everything. This is no reason to stop liking what they do or anything. People put up facades period regardless of what they do, it's just more important for celebrities because their livelihood is at stake. Even your "best friends" put on an act that you'll never truly see through. Is this really news to anyone?
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@TaoShaman and @kpopandkimchi I totally agree. A coping mechanism like maybe they don't want others to worry about them so they act a certain way to keep things cool and collected.
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