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(I couldn't find a picture to perfectly describe the pose so this is what it looks like. yes this is me..hello beautiful readers!) I had spent several days with my parents. It was nice. Sadly I had to go back to Seoul to my life. They drove me to the train station and we said our goodbyes. I waited for the train. I started to get tired and wanted to close my eyes but I was afraid I'd miss the train and be late getting back. Finally after ten minutes the train pulled into the station. I got into the train and found am empty seat. I then leaned my head against the window and closed my eyes. Thankfully the train wasnt packed. I fell asleep fast. I woke up when the train had stopped. I looked out the window. We weren't at a station. We were stopped in what looks like the middle of Nowhere. Just then someone came over the speakers.

"Due to access snow on the tracks we have stopped. We will trying to get going again in a few minutes."

I stood up ready to stretch. I walked to the connected car and instantly smiled. How was I this lucky? I walked down a few seats and sat down. He stiffened and the slowly turned to me. "Hi there" "(Y/n)" He relaxed. "Funny how we are going back on the same day." "Yea something came up and I have to go back early." " Oh I'm so sorry....did you have a good time with your parents?" "Yea I just wish I could have had a little more time with them." "Hey you can see them again...I recommend after winter." "Yea." There was something off. "Suga.....what's wrong?" I whispered and without thinking I placed my hand on his. He looked down then put his hand on top of mine. I felt the shock of him rubbing his thumb across my hand. "I just have alot on my plate." "You can talk about it with me." "(Y/n) that's nice of you but....I need to figure this out on my own." "Ok but just know you can always come to me." "So does that mean you'll give me your number?" He smiled at me. How can he do this. I know he is my bias but I never thought I'd experience seeing his smile this close. With him holding onto my hand. "Yea I'll give you my number." I smiled holding out my hand. "What?" " I'll put my info in." "Oh ok." He handed me his phone and I quickly put my info in. "Now this does mean you can call or text anytime....I know you work hard and late so don't be afraid to contact me. Ok?" I held up the phone to take a selfie. I was thinking he should have a cute picture of me so I crinkled my nose and pushed out my lips a little and added a peace sign and snapped the picture. "I could have taken your picture." He said as I was saving it. "Oh well it's ok, if you want to change the picture." I said handing the phone back. He looked at it. "No this is good...for now at least." He smiled.

"I'm sorry for the delay ladies and gentlemen, but it looks liks we will be stuck here over night. We can provide you with pillows and blankets to make youe sleep more comfortable. We will be coming around and be handing them out shortly."

The guy said over the intercom. "Well I guess I'll go back to my seat." I said standing up. "Why don't you stay." He said lightly grabbing my arm so I couldn't go any farther. "Are you ok with that?" "Yea I really am." "Ok let me go grab my things and I'll be back." He let go of my arm and I quickly went and grabbed my stuff. Although it wasn't quick enough. When I got back to his car there was another woman sitting next to him. At first I was a little jealous. I mean women just fall for him. It's not like I have a claim on him I'd be a crazy fan if I thought that. He looked up and looked my direction. When I saw his face clearly he wasn't happy. I took the hint and went over to help him. "Excuse me that's my seat." She turned to look at me. "Oh is it? Can you pick a different seat." This girl wasn't bad looking but I felt more confident that I was prettier than her. "Sorry, he isn't interested." "Excuse me. Who are you to talk for him." "Well does that matter I just know the rules and you won't be an exception." "Suga can I stay here?" She turned to look at him but I grabbed her arm with force making her look at me again. "I'm his manager so I am telling you to leave." "That's a lie, I know who BTS'S manager is and it isn't you." She tried to pull away from me. I glanced at Suga and saw that he was getting ready to say something. "You are right! I'm not BTS'S manager." "Ha so step off." "No. I am Suga's personal manager. I am in close contact with his groups manager and was told to always say in this kind of situation that I'm his manager and only his." "That sounds fake." "You can call it a personal assistance If that makes you understand better." "Suga is that true?" She turned to him and he just nodded. "Fine." She stood up but slipped him a paper and then left. I sat down. "That was fun." I said laughing "Thanks, I don't want to be mean to a fan." "Well I think that you deserve some space from fans. Although you realize I am a fan right?" "Well yea but your not scary....I'll be nice to every fan even if they are scary. So having you come when you did was great." He held his hand up for a high five. I laughed and high fived him. 'Well I'll be your body guard today and Manager ha." "Ok sounds good." Suga pulled out his laptop and put his head phones on and started working on his music. I was excited to see this side of him. I have only heard of it. I watched his fingers and watched him moving things on the screen playing it then taking a part away and redoing it. I could stare at his hands all night. Don't get me wrong I'm not crazy this is just a once in a lifetime thing and I want to take it all in. I memorized how his hands looked when he was working then I looked to his face. He was so serious. When he didn't like something he would furrow his brows and but his lip then have a straight face. Then when he liked something he slowly smiled. He was mouthing some words so I figured he was thinking of lyrics that would fit what he found. "You like looking at my lips." I looked at his eyes. CRAP!! Was I staring again. "Hehe um I was just watching you work, you were mouthing something so I was trying to figure it out." I quickly covered it up. "Oh wanna hear what I'm working on?" "Can I really?" I smiled "Yea. You just have to promise not to say anything to anyone." "Promise! Cross my heart and hope to die!" As I said this i drew an X over my heart and then when I said die, I pretended to die. He laughed. "That's cute." He placed his headphones over my ears. And then hit play. I stared at the computer for a bit and was in awe. He had added some sounds I never thought would sound good in a song and I looked at him with my mouth wide open. He smiled then the song ended. I pulled off the headphones. "I know why they call you a genius!" "Well thank you. So you liked it?" "Yes! Is this for yourself or the group?" "I don't know yet." "Well I think you should save it for your mixtape since we all are waiting for it." "Maybe." He smiled "Ok go back to work I'll just read something." I opened up my phone. I saw a bunch of notifications on my phone and pulled one up to see that it was suga. I turned my phone a tad so he couldn't see it. I scrolled down. Someone had a picture of him from the train. It had to of been that girl. I glanced around to see if she was in this car. She wasnt. I tapped sugas shoulder. "Hey I'll be back." He nodded and went back to doing what he was doing. There were several photos and thankfully I wasn't in any of them. That would just mess up everything for him. I went to the next car and there she was. With a few girls. I walked over to her and they got quiet. "Is he not allowed privacy?" "He's an idol" "So he deserves to have a quiet trip home doesn't he." I was getting pissed. "He's not going to get mauled by us if that's what your worried about." "That isn't what I'm worried about how the hell is he going to get off the train if people are waiting at the station when we get there?" I started raising my voice. "Your his personal manager figure it out." She smirked "Alright and just know he doesn't like people who do this kind of thing." I turned and walked away. I hate girls like that. I sat down and let out a loud sigh. "You ok?" "I'm fine." I smiled and watched him go back to working on his music. I don't know when but I fell asleep. I woke up when there was a Jerk. My head fell. "Ouch" Suga said I opened my eyes to see what was wrong. I shot up. "Oh my god I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to fall asleep on you like that. Are you ok?" I was blushing hardcore. "It's not your fault you were laying your head against my shoulder when the train Jerked that's when you ended up on my lap." "Still I'm sorry....wait are we moving?" "We've been moving a while I think we're almost back to the staion." "I'm sorry you were probably working and I fell asleep on you...I'm a terrible body guard." "You're fine I fell asleep too." I quickly grabbed my things. I looked out the window and saw that we were real close to the station. "Suga before we end up leaving....I want to tell you that I really enjoyed spending the train ride with you both ways. I hope you stay healthy, eat right and get sleep you need it. Also try not to push yourself too hard. Us fans would be more upset that you got hurt trying to be strong for us and do things for us when you need a break." "(Y/n) why are you saying this? Do you think we won't talk again?" "No I'm preparing for this being the last time I see you in person." "Well don't think like that. I will definitely text you." I smiled. If he really does I'll be really happy. "Ok" the train came to a halt. I stood up. "Want me to help you?" I asked "No I'm fine." He grabbed his stuff and I headed out before him. I wanted to make sure Noone was going to mob him. Thankfully Noone was there besides those getting on and off the train. He was right behind me and I kept my eyes on everyone that was there. "Are you ok?" He asked "Yea why?" "Your acting it possibly because of the pictures online?" "You knew?" "I got a text from Jimin and Namjoon telling me to be careful getting off the train. " "Damn I thought I'd get you into a taxi before you realized." "Ha yea you're not that great at hiding things. Plus they are here to get me." He pointed to a black van. "Ok well have a safe drive back home." I smiled and before I could just wave he pulled me into a hug. "Thanks for being my train buddy." "You're welcome." I hugged back. He then let go and said bye. I watched him walk away and before he got to close to the van the doors opened and Jimin and Rap Monster jumped out. Even with masks on there hair was a give away. I laughed. Suga turned to look at me and I waved. He waved one last time then they all jumped in the van and left. I guess I could die happy now. I spent so much time with suga and was blessed with becoming closer. Now I had to go back to my boring single life.
Wow another update! why you may wonder? Because it's suga bears birthday today in the us so I'm posting this for a happy birthday part 2! I hope you all enjoyed this long update. This story is going to be so much fun. I've been waiting to upload this one for awhile but was waiting. again enjoy!!!!
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the feels OMG I can't lol I love this so much πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™β€πŸ’›πŸ’— are they going to meet again? are thergoing to fall in love I mean I know she already is but is he? sooooo many questions and I'm so curious about what's going to happen next I just love it πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€πŸ’ž
keep it up loving it so far and can't wait for moreπŸ˜€
I hate it when people follows the idols. I seriously would have dragged that girl out of the wagon from her hair.
Love it keep it up
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