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We're back with another Fan-Tastic Friday!

Our amazing Vingler @JohnEvans is one of the sweetest fans on the site and is an absolute AWESOME person to talk to.

Let's learn a little more about him :D

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Now, for John's Interview!

What's your name? My name is John Evans.
How long have you been into Kpop? I've been into Kpop for 8 months. My twin brother, who got into Kpop before me, showed me BTS "Dope" and at first I wasn't sure but then I listen to BTS "Love is not over" and that just pulled me in.
Who is your ultimate bias? My ultimate biases is V(Kim Taehyung), his smile and occasional tongue is too much for me, Chen because again his smile, and Top because of his rapping skills(it's so good).
How did you find Vingle and why do you like it here? I found Vingle through an ad on Facebook, it said something about learning Korean so I was curious and downloaded it. I like it here because I finally found a place where i could communicate freely with other people who enjoyed the same genre of music that i like. Its a place to make new friends and to further yourself in the world of K-pop.
What songs have you been listening to lately? Songs that I have been listening to recently is WINNER "Sentimental", Eddy Kim feat. Beenzino "Paldangdam", B.A.P "Feel So Good", and VIXX "Hot Enough".
If you could see any group LIVE, who would you see? If I could see any group live it would have to be BTS or B.A.P.
Anything else? ;) Thank you for asking me to participate in this and I look forward to enjoying K-pop with you

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Yasss I love fanboys there aren't enough :P @JohnEvans
@ReyesGarcia Thank you....and V tongue is like my ultimate weakness XD
Omg, he sounds like a fun person!!..Yes John, V's tongue is too much for me too 😄😄
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