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Okay, you see guys see this? July 3rd is my birthday, do you see where they are? Chicago!!
Do you see how far it is from me?! JYP why you do this to me!? I can barely get my mom to take me to Des Monies! But Chicago is a HUGE no go!! ((NOT even including ticket prices))
Oyyy that sucks :( I hope by some miracle you can go but if not there is always next time^^
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@kpopandkimchi Thanks... I've always told my sister that before we die, we have to go to a SHINEE concert, or GOT7... *le sigh*
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I live in Florida so it's even a bigger no for me.... I hope things are good for you and you get to go!! HWAITING!!!!
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@MaddieRudicil GOT7 HWAITING!!!
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